Hefty Race Schedule - Regeneration Tactics

We have our conference meet coming up in a couple of weeks and our head coach has laid a pretty heavy burden on our best sprinter (no new thing I suppose). She has a 400 and then a 200 trial on the first day with 2 hours between. The second day she will have the 4x100, then 400 final 50 minutes later, 200 final 55 inutes later, and then the 4x400 1 hour later. She has had multiple event and multiple day problems in the past and is extremely tight in the adductors especially the gracilis. She complains about her hamstring but it is really the top of her gastroc. Now I dont coach her except in the weight room but she trusts my opinion and the trainer a lot more than her “coach”. I am not so worried about her on the first day (should I?). I’m not even worried about 4x100 to 400 or 200 to 4x400. I am most worried about 400 to 200 with less than an hour between. Are there any tactics or strategies for restoration between heats/events that we should plan for. Humidity will be a factor as they have it and we don’t, but the events start in the early evening. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

Scott Weiser

Ive got a hefty race scheduel for our conferecne meet this weekend as well.
Day 1 i got the long jump 100 trials and 200 trials. And day 2 i got 4x100 finals 100 finals 200 finals and possbily 4x4. What should be done to make sure im ready to roll on day 2.?


Doubt any of this is something you dont already know, but:
Rest diet hydration and supplementation (esp. at meet during the 2 days)
Day 1, dont forget to warm down before leaving the track.
Contrast bath/shower
(if at a hotel in NY you could hot shower - jump in what is likely a cold pool - repeat as you see fit) Might use a cold outdoor pool for hydrothr. as soon as you get back to hotel or trash bag some ice from dispenser to tub
(where are SUNY’s?)

No deep massage after today and certainly not between day 1 and 2.
Possible extended warmup for day 2 as indicated in how you feel (weather is also a signal)
Can you limit your long jumps? like 1 to get into finals and then base remaining jumps on how close you are to your season’s best?
Eliminate stress. Be packed and have everything you need.
Get academics out of the way to be focused on the task at hand.
Make sure you have your supplements, hydration, any NASID’s lined up.
“Script” your day, to have things set-up?
“Find a caddy” do you have any rookies that can take care of the little things, kind of like a pit crew?
Lastly, find a quiet, “sensory deprivation” spot at the facility to use pre and post event.
Arousal control is important in a multi-event, multi day situation.
Think National Geographic movie on “The Cheetah” where the Cheetah:
Lays in the shade, runs down its prey, goes back to the shade, repeats, …

Coach MDD,
Thanx alot for refreshing my mind with those suggestions. Sunyacs are actually home here at Cortland in our new facility! Ill keep you posted how it goes. So far for the season my bests are 22’1 long jump 11.16 100 and 42.23 4x100.

Got a guy at 22’ 3/4" and another at 21’10" may jump with you at ECAC’s?
Gonna take 23’+ for NC’s

Your boy ran a pretty sweet 100 the other day…

cool. what school do you coach at? I took 3rd indoors at Ecac’s with a 22’3.
Did any of your guys jump?

Yes, Wetherby is a quick guy. He didnt run for us last yr (tryed playin soccer) so this is his first yr back since high school. He’s suprising everybody.