heavy footed landings..what to do?

I have a young female sprinter who is coming back from a foot injury due to some oddity with her toes which the podiatrist has been able to help with insoles. She is now able to stride on grass pain free but I have noticed how heavy footed her foot strike is.

It isnt as active as it could be and is very ‘thuddy’. does anyone have any specific ideas or drills to help get that lightness in her stride and foot strike?


she might be adjusting to the new insoles. (timing might be off)

I found my insoles were terrible and had similar issues.

Give her a little bit of time and see if she adjusts to it.


How much time did she have off from running?

She has had about 6 weeks off running altogether - just did pool work in that time - no weights other than technique as she is still a bit young.

How young is your athlete? It seems like she hasnt adjusted to running or land based stuff yet, as she has been doing pool based training. She should adapt over the next few weeks as her general strength improves. A skips may help with foot strike & improving lower limb strength too.