can any one tell me any drills that i can do 2 stay low when i come out of my blocks

I have never done drills to stay low but have now a naturally low start from simply slowing the first 30m down and gradually speeding up; pretty much the same as any technique work.

I have though seen others pull tyres etc. which forces them to stay low more so.

I like starts from laying on the ground, falling starts, and squat medicine ball throws into sprinting (although I’ve only done the latter once or twice). If you use these starts and then sprint that’s speed work though, not drills.

Body lean (staying low) is a result of force put into the ground.

i also tend to “get up too soon” any suggestions?

how do you perform falling starts and how do medicine ball squat throws help with starts

I do falling starts with my hands at my sides I don’t know if this is how you’re supposed to do them. You let yourself fall and try to hold off catching yourself for as long as possible and then start sprinting. For the medicine ball throw one you do a shallow squat and launch the ball trying to go out at a low angle and then chase after it.

Hey Hassen,
I had the same problem until I tried a few different techniques to correct the problem. First and formost the thing that stands out more than anything with sprinters who tend to “pop up” early is strength. Most biomechanical problems can be rectified through strengthening the affected areas letting you down example; lower back and abdominals. If there is a deficiency in lower back strength you will come out of the acceleration position early as your body will not be able to maintain this position for the entire acceleration phase. A couple of exercises to strengthen this area include;

  1. reverse hyper extension (start without weight and build up to using weight)
  2. reverse single leg press
  3. acceleration throws (both from the ground and from squat position)
  4. explosive overhead throws
  5. starts with sled on grass. Alternate these starts with and without the sled out to 30m.
  6. Beach starts, start flat on your stomach facing the 30m finish, explode off the ground and accelerate to the 30m.
  7. Towel drill, have coach place towel around hips and holding the towel behind you and so you are in a 45deg angle to ground. While maintaining this position accelerate forward dragging your coach along with you for 5-10m where he releases the towel and you continue for the remander of the 30m.

I tried a combination of these things over a twelve week period and decreased my 30m time from 4.1sec (hand) to 3.5 (hand). I’m not saying these were the only reasons why my time came down but they certainly contributed to it.

Actually, I still do the beach starts as part of my warm up drills for speed sessions.

I hope this helps, good luck!!


thanx guys. i appreciate your help

i have tried so many times but i just cant seem to push back into my blocks.i squat just over 300lbs and leg press 850lbs. surely i should be able to apply some type of pressure on the pads. but how???

any 1

Hassan -
I think you should stop thinking about pushing back into your blocks - this will just happen .
You may need help techniqually / technikally / tecknically lol - ( post a vid )
but once ur correct body angles are in place at set just think about being fast and flicking ur lead hand up .
If the problem is explosive then mebbe u need more of that in ur program .

thanx gloopzilla. i will place more explosive work in my work outs.and its technically lol