Hannah Cunliffe on local TV show


her dad says “we try to work smart, not hard”, if only so many more coaches understood this concept

That’s quite a box jump. I’m happy to hear Mike speak about low training volume.

Good for him for not trying to train her like an adult. She would have burned out.

I used the template from the Edmonton dvd and the results were great for my 12 year old:

2-3 1hr sessions per week brought us:
15’5" lj
4’11" hj
17.xx 100m hurdles
30’ sp
800m 2:40 with no distance work AT ALL…

My younger daughters work out 1hr per week and still do well at local kids meets…
CF’s method for kids works very well in small doses. The kids love it too. It’s like cat nip for them :slight_smile: they are so hyped up after a speed session…

I have college athlletes who would balk at jumping on that box. Good that he isn’t pounding her. Volume seems manageable and he seems interested in her long term development, at least in the context of this interview.

I don’t think any of us are worried about jumping onto that box. It’s the drop jump and other things in terms of golgi stimulus well beyond her present level that Charlie warned about in Edmonton which concern several of us.

But she seems happy, motivated to train, and making wise college selections, and those are the important things.

I know many college athletes who would defer to 36" box. Some very good players. Jumpin onto 42" at her age is really impressive. I agree, depth jumps at her age are crazy. I honestly don’t use them and only with high strength athlete and never off that height.

meant use them much