Hang cleans are GOOD :)

My membership at the track expired and until after Christmas I am going to be doing just weights at my regular gym.

To keep up a bit of RFD work I am including hang cleans and jump squats into the program.

Christmas Workout schedule is below:

Lower body/Core
Upper body

Repeat above

On lower body days I perform 4 sets of backsquats, 3 sets of hangcleans and 3 jumpsquats and then assistance work/core.

On Saturday did 4 sets of backsquats, 3 sets of hangcleans and 3 sets of jumpsquats and immediately felt the difference through my hips and glutes. Even just running up stairs etc I felt really powerful through that area.

How many guys here perform hangcleans as part of their regular sprint training?

I am going to start including them (probably only 2-3 sets though) after my short speed days.

The rest of the Christmas workouts consist of the following:

Lower body/Core:
4 sets squats (buried)
3 sets hangcleans
3 sets jumpsquats
3 x (ham, leg, calf, hip, extensions)
3 x (adductor/abductor)
hanging leg raise
weighted incline situps
weighted side bends

Upper body:
4 sets bench OR 4 sets standing shoulder press (Alternate every other workout)
4 sets bent over row OR 4 sets weighted chins (Alternate every other workout)
3 sets hypers
3 sets dips


ps- What is considered a decent hangclean for someone in the 195 pound range? Would 225 be considered decent?

Hmm I do them all the time :slight_smile:

I do all kinds of variations, hang powercleans from high hang (1-2inch dip), midthigh, above knee, below knee, from floor, powersnatches as per cleans from various heights and dips

with and without pauses

and you can add pulls to that as well again from various hieghts, with and without pauses

and not forgetting “hip style” , where you keep the bar in the hip creases as you dip just like a jump, works better with the snatch though

snatch jumpsquats is another nice one

Hip snatch - GREAT exercise to improve RFD. Include it in all my rugby players programs.

Find with hang cleans there is tendency to ‘muscle’ the weight up. Hang derivatives are a good option if you want to do higher reps. …

isnt rfd less than with a full power clean tho?

I am familiar with the hang snatch but not the hip snatch. Any vids or pics you can share?


basicly it’s like a normal hang power snatch except you keep the bar in the hip crease when you dip.

Using your lats to keep it in place.

How do you get the bar up with a hip snatch? All hips? Anyone have a video?

Same as a normal powersnatch, traps, hips, calves and legs.

You need to hold the bar with a wide enough grip so it sits in your hip crease - which is where it should be anyway with a proper snatch grip :slight_smile:

Then you just sit it on your thigh at the hip crease, keeping it there as you dip (like a jump) and then explode it overhead, dip under and rack it, rotating elbows outward - pressing hard into the bar to keep the arms locked and weight supported on bone structure.
Not that hard to do.

A variant used by the East German throwers.

That sounds like you need alot of explosiveness generated really quickly. Your form would have to be really good too. No pulling with the arms. Do you have a video? You think it’d be good for basketball? It sounds like it’d be really good.

It’s basicly like doing a jumpsquat, except you propel a load overhead rather than “jumping” . and you have a set target to project the load to.

Doing jumpsquats in a simlar manner would provide the same benefits I think without the feedback though.

Don’t have a video, as I have never done them that much.

Definately a good option for bball players who are >6ft and need to develop reactive strength / RFD without plyos (they get enough foot contacts just playing).

I’ll post a video next week.


We do hang snatches early in our GPP then switch to hang cleans through the rest of the phases (sometimes alternating a week or two with full cleans to not make it so monotonous). I think the hang cleans are much less taxing on the CNS and permit you to raise the quality of the other work (sprinting, plyo). We also love all types of jump squats, generally start off with 1/2 with jump early, then go on to double 1/2’s with jump and back to normal 1/2 with jump and finally shift to fast 1/4’s.

Cool thanks for the info!

Hang Cleans (Power Cleans) are the power exercises predominantly used in NZ by rugby players - yet this season I have also included Hang Snatches and they have been going really well. I have seen improvements in player’s postures and not the shoulder problems I was expecting.

I now understand why you rate this exercise so highly for RFD. Your comment regarding muscling up the weight with cleans is so true.

>6ft Does that mean less or taller than 6ft? I know, I should realize this.

Over 6 foot

Have an emotional attachment to the adductor/abductor machines? I see a lot of good exercises, but why the add/ab-duction exercises? Adductors/abductors work hard in stabilization during the lifts you are already performing, why the extra work? 225-pounds in the hang clean? Do you bench press 225-pounds? Do you squat 225-pounds? If you do, then I would work very hard at the hang clean, to at the very least match your bench/squat max.

emotional attachment? No not really :slight_smile:

I find them good for injury prevention and stabilization thats all. I dont do anything remotely heavy with them. Just a couple sets at 15 reps :slight_smile:

Bench is around 280
Squat is ~330 for single buried.


Yes, I would attempt to increase your hang clean max. Your 1-rm’s are always relative to your bodyweight and power output.