hamstring 'twinge'

What can do I do make the recovery from a slight hamstring twinge as quick, yet as full as possible. The last 2 seasons I have injured each hamstring. Today in training I felt a slight problem towards the top of the right hamstring. I didn’t really pull up or anything, and it didn’t particularly pull, but it is tender. I know you’re meant to rest, ice, compress and elevate it. Is there anything else I should do? I’ve been stretching it etc. Any suggestions to try and help me out here. Also, what can I do to avoid similar problems in the future. I am doing more strength work, and flexibility work hoping that this helps.

The extra strength work might be what’s causing the twinge, since you might be overtraining the hamstrings, leaving them vulnerable to injury. The best way to avoid hamstring problems is to carefully manage the workload placed on the hamstrings.

Of course, it could be that the hamstrings were not properly prepared for the speed work, which would necessitate more general strength training first, before they are ready for heavy sprint work. It all depends on you training background.

Flash hit this one on. The extra workload can alter your mechanics on the track (from fatigue) and result in injury. Do a few sessions of stem & ice for around 15-20 minutes after each workout.

Don’t chalk it up to an imbalance so fast. There not that common ( until you have the problem). Look to training issues first, then, if nothing is out of whack, then look for imbalances.

OK, thatnks for the feedback guys. I owe you all…again.

It’s great how you always get so many people trying to help in any way they can.


Don’t stretch on a fresh muscle injury, it will only make it worse!