Hamstring straining/overtraining


After having a bad (as in slow) speed endurance (500’s, i am a mid-distance guy 4’s and 8’s) workout today, I noticed that after my cool down, walking to the gym, my hammies felt strained. Not necessarily pulled or overstretched, but strained at almost the glutes. The only time i have felt my hamstrings feel like this before was when I once did an axe kick in cold weather without a warmup (3 years ago, it, however, it had recovered by the hour). I had the trainer look at when i was done with weights (only upper body, thanks goodness :slight_smile: ) and he said he couldn’t find anything wrong with it, but i am skeptical. I am seeing a doctor in a few day, but i am curious is anyone has had anything similar?

I think that i am overtraining because i feel generally flat most days (or is that because i am an engineering major? :slight_smile: )
What should i do about having better recovery? I already ice bath after track workouts (usually after i do weights).

PS: Sorry if this is similar to another post. If it is, could someone post the link?


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did you experience pain when the knee is fully extended?

I use to have hamstring problems all the time do to the fact the only thing i did for my legs was squats. After using reverse leg presses I never again had hamstring problems. Maybe this will help. Goodluck.

nope, no pain to my knee when fully extended.

I do reverse leg presses (i need them for my hip flexors for martial arts).

i think that it has gotten better. Last week, i reduced the volume for weights and some of the intensity on the track last week and i started doing contrast showers. That seemed to fix it. I think that i might have been overtraining a bit since my last phase of my periodization. Thoughts?

Being at the end of your cycle, school work, etc. can all add up to have negative implications on training. If you are mentally drained, then you may not have the focus to hold good posture during the longer intervals. Maybe next time you feel yourself like this, drop the distance a bit. Also, do you incorporate stem in your training or regeneration?

Thx, dlive11. I just have one question what do you mean by “incorporate stem”? I am sorry but i understand this term.

I mean are you using stem (EMS). :smiley:

oh ok, i see. Nope i am not using ems. Never really put much thought into using it. Are there some good ems systems that aren’t psychotically expensive?

How long are your ice baths for??? I would prefer contrast baths immediately after training…any reason for ice?

I think there are some previous posts on inexpensive stem machines. Check the earlier posts. Do you attend a college? If so, you can check to see if the training room will allow you to use it in slow hours. Just a thought.

Good Idea. I think that i will go to the training room after my next workout and find out. (I am an undergrad engineer).

Thanks for the help.