Hamstring Strain (Recurring ??)


Really, really pissed off this morning.

Strained hamstring last night on the track approx. 200m into a 300m.

Had warmed up and already ran one 300.
I felt a very slight strain in the belly of the Ham and slowed straightaway.
I tried a 200 after 5 mins of light stretches and again after <100m felt the Ham again.

This isn’t such a big problem except that I strained a hamstring in the middle of last season which more or less destroyed my season and the season starts in 4 1/2 weeks and already I’ve f&k^ng problems

I’ve iced and compressed it and will rest it, but I’m just so annoyed that before the season even starts I’ve an injury hanging over me!

My flexibility is still good - always is - I may have an imbalance problem.

F&*$K!!! AAAHhhhhhh!


is it the same leg? what type of recovery methods did you do last time this occured? What type of stretching were you doing prior to the injury (on a daily basis) Have you had it looked at professionally before?

Last year I strained the same leg ®. (I’m prodominantly left legged) A light strain again. I got good physio, got the scar tissue worked out and rehabed it with high rep weights starting with 20 and working down to 12 reps.

The flexibility in the muscle never diminished, I’ve been doing micro-stretching daily, and standard static stretching during weight sessions.

I maybe over-training slightly though.
I can jog away fine on it now with no discomfort - wouldn’t like to sprint on it though.

My Quads were a little stiff prior to the track session, but hammies felt fine.

I strained both hamstrings last year when I started true speed work.

I have seen physios which mobilised the scar tissue (still not sure if this is necessary if you stretch), also worked on my back due to stiffness around lumbar, and prescribed core stability exercises to stabilise back when sprinting.

According to one top German sports doctor, 90% of hamstring injuries are linked to back problems ie. neural referal.

Also, from this point on, I am going to sprint at near maximal right throughout the year to avoid deconditioning of the hamstring and all other muscles. (Less maximal sprints per session or per week in certain phases ie. GPP, special endurance.)

Stretching important if hams are tight in extension in swing phase, but also to reduce muscle tone at beginning of session. Charlie states that muscle tone should be lowest at beginning of session and gradually increase throughout it to help prevent injury.

How is your form when you run? I’ve had hamstring problems occur because I plantar flex my foot sometimes when I sprint, thus causing my foot to strike in front of my center of mass, resulting in constant strains. Maybe the problem lies in your sprint form.

Ian King has mentioned anterior rotation of the pelvis may lead to hamstring trouble.

How is your quad and hip flexibility.

Could it be overuse injuries? Have you reviewed your overall training program? I am not saying it is, just, give you some ideas to look into.

First of all guys thanks for all the help and input,

I’ve been planning to ease off now maybe now is the time.
I have probably been training a little too much over the past few months…

Mon am: 75 mins: Lower Body Weights & Plyo & Stretching (Muscle Groups 1 - Quads)
Mon pm: 45 mins: Indoor Soccer (for SAQ)

Tues am: 75 mins: Upper Body Weights
Tues pm: 60 mins: Speed Endurance (Team): Track

Wed am: 60 mins: Dynamic Stretching Routine
Wed pm: 45 mins: Indoor Soccer (for SAQ)

Thur am: 75 mins: Lower Body Weights & Plyo (Muscle Groups 1 - Hams & Calf)
Thur pm: 90 mins: Team Skills Training - Grass

Fri am: 75 mins: Upper Body Weights
Fri pm: 45 mins: Rest

Sat am: Rest
Sat pm: Rest

Sun am: 90 mins: Team Skills Training - Grass
Sun pm: Rest

Daily (am): Stretching and Upper and Lower ab work

I should probably drop the indoor soccer now.

I get good sleep (10-8 hours min), nutrition is good - rarely feel very tired or lacking Carbs and protein is good too, water on-take is 2.5l+ a day + multivits - no Creatine.

My therapist had told me to work more on stretching my Hip flexors only last week.
My flexibilty in everthing else was good -especially the hams.
My lower back is good, I’ve never had problems with it, flexibility wise or strength wise. I have never used and don’t use a weight lifting belt.

I saw my therapist yesterday and his advice was that it was only a small strain, I was doing a little too much and need to ease up.