Hamstring rehab protocol

I am looking for the CF 10x10x10 hamstrings rehab protocol. Is it 10 sets of 10m repeated 10 times and each 10m ran at slow speed but with proper technique - ie emphasis on the step over drive down still?

Charlie’s words from the old hamstring thread:

“Start with 3 days total rest. (If you had just strained a few hours ago, I’d get you to run your hand over the area to see if there is/was a slight deficit- which would indicate a more serious 3rd degree strain. Such a deficit would rapidly fill with blood and wouldn’t be palpable within a few hours.) At this point, the main guideline is the severity of the pain at the time and whether bruising has appeared. Fortunately, you have two weeks to recover- the minimum time is 10days. On the fourth day (with the affected leg in a tensor), start one leg drills raising the healthy leg only. Depending on the level of recovery by day 5, you might be able to start with some easy 10 m accels. For these drills, always stand on the mark and accel only to the designated mark, to ensure that you don’t over-extend the affected muscle, with a walk back recovery. Start with 2 to 3 sets of 10 x 10 m accels, and advance the distance by 2m increments, as able. This is only a rough guideline and should be supervised by a qualified therapist.”

“Be very careful about stretching. It’s best to have a top therapist take you through progressive ranges of motion.”

“**2-3x10x10m Standing, increasing 2-2.5m as you feel you are able. You can do this every day, eventually increasing distance, lowering reps, and doing it EOD instead of ED.”

Also, Number 2 has a great detailed case study following an athlete rehabbing a hamstring on his site:


I liked that article. Here is another interesting one I also found.

It turns out the hamstring just really tightened up and after a few acupuncture sessions is feeling very good. The therapist said on Tuesday the muscle tone is very good and doesn’t see any reason not to go out and give it a go. On Wednesday I did 8 sets of straight leg bounds into an acceleration over 15m but was a little gun shy so probably didn’t hit more than 75% intensity. I did the same thing on Friday. Today was tempo work in which I did 10 sets of 100m - tech and under 70% and then 10 sets of barefoot soccer field runs - again under 70% and tech focus. My schedule is to go speed endurance on Monday - sets of 150m - any thoughts on this? Should I get back into higher intensity at lower distances - IE 10-30m or run the 150’s perhaps in flats still and closer to 85-90%? My current schedule has me doing speed endurance on Monday, accels on Wednesday and accel and MV on Friday, tempo Sat and Tue.
Lower body weights on Wednesday after the track work and Upper body weights on Friday after the track work.

see if you can get some cupping done. proper glass cups with fire, not those useless rubber octopus machines that physio’s use…

Err on the side of caution in the first few weeks after a hamstring issue. I don’t know your recent history but you want to avoid reinjury during the first few weeks at all costs as a reinjury will likely take longer to heal than the original. Freedom from pain does not necessarily mean complete healing.
More info about the original problem would probably be useful but I would get back into the higher intensity at lower distances first.

very good advice. I’ve seen a few people go down in their first or second training session back, always after reporting that they felt no pain in their hamstring right up until the moment it went…

Thanks Mortac8. It happened just over two weeks ago doing flying 30’s. Just felt it tighten up and knew that if I went again it wouldn’t be so good. Immediately after had no problem walking, jogging, bending or lunging. Today I did err on the side of caution and after a long dynamic warm up did a few sets of 10m accels from 3 point in flats an in spikes but didn’t hit it hard. Didn’t feel any but just a little “flutter” sort of - very hard to explain. Then I proceed with 8 sets of straight leg bounding over 50m with a 10m run off and 20m deceleration. Only on the 8th one when I attempted to pick up the speed of the 10m run did I feel the “flutter” again.
Finished in the weight room - bulgarian split squats and single leg RDL - no problem

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Thanks, I couldn’t find the blog post on Shopify. Is there a link perhaps.


thanks Mortac8.

Thanks for that. I hope that in the future I won’t have to use it. I did follow those somewhat with the progressions and two days ago was successful in doing 6 sets of 30m starts from a crouch. I have another speed session planned today and a session with my therapist tomorrow. Last summer I was sitting in the stands at the Canadian Track and Field Championships and looked over at the gentleman beside me and noticed from his name badge that is was Gerard Mach. We chatted briefly, mostly interpreted by his son. His son said he had edited his material recently and I gave him my info but have never heard back from him unfortunately.

Edited his material? How so? Like a new version of his sprint/hurdle manual? It would be nice if he were easier to contact…

Not 100% sure. I wish I was better prepared in the stands with pen and paper to get his info but wasn’t the case. His son lives in Europe.

What would you have asked Gerard if he had replied to your question?
What would you learn from him that you might not already know?

Good question. I just offered my congratulations as he was receiving an award later that evening. I haven’t read his book so there would be plenty of stuff in it, some of which I know, some I don’t and still more I don’t know I don’t even know. I tried to attach a photo I took but doesn’t seem to be working for me.