Hamstring mobility

I need to improve hamstring mobility in one or two of the sprinters I coach. After a brief intro period I was thinking about scheduling PNF after a couple of the strength-based sessions and microstretching after tempo workouts. The PNF would phase out as speed became more dominant. Hamstring-wise, warm ups would include active stretches (10secs hold) and leg swings. Any comments or referrals to previouis threads?

The key for integrating athletic flexiblity programs is to see what is the true limitation. If their is a strength issue then true range of motion will never unfold. As for PNF, what type? Our physio uses 8 or more with countless variations inside each method.

Thanks Clemson. Strength could be an issue. The girl I’m specifically thinking about performs sets of 6 squats with 75kg and sets of three power cleans with 55kg at 54kg bodyweight. Prehab-wise I play it safe with good mornings (sets of 6 with 20kg) and hypers during GPP. With no access to reverse leg press or apparatus for reverse hypers would you advise bumping up the GMs while progressing squats and cleans in the normal way?

As for PNF, all I do is: passive stretch / push 6 secs / relax 2-3 secs / increase stretch & hold for 10 secs.

What about the structure…the range of motion could be their in the Hamstring but if she has a pelvis that is tilted forward that can skew things. Let’s start their. post a photo to start out. Doesn’t have to include a head shot.

I can’t get anything visual up on the system but your tilted pelvis question is very interesting as this athlete runs with a fairly pronounced forward lean, which I decided to leave well alone until I knew for sure what to do about it.

Does this athlete accelerate well but fades at top speed?

That sounds like me.

Acceleration is definitely the strong point.

does any one have any links which have info on the different kinds of stretching techniques?


It looks like what I think it is…

Please share, Clemson. My breath is well and truly baited!

Would full speed running with a forward lean place more strain on the quads?

Ontheball, measure her Hamstring ROM, Psoas Rom, Quad Rom, and pelvic postion.


I really appreciate your time and effort. Are we talking specific exercises to measure ham/quad/psoas ROM?


test muscle length, see a physio and post the values.