hamstring injury any ideas?

I went throught indoor and outdoor track not thinking any thing of it, but now that im done with the season I relize I am in serious need of recovery.

On the left leg the muscle around the bone that connects to the butt is strainned. my physical theraist says these kinds of injurys are very stubborn. He has used massaging, ems (strenght plan,10/10 low intensity), and ultrasound twice.

I on my own I started to do things like ice/heat 20 on 20 off minutes, contrast showers 3/1 of 3 sets, I even tryed massaging my self, but its way to tiring. It got a little better, I am trying to do active recovery, but doing fun things keeps distracting me (trampoline).

I was hurting intensely after a soccer session on sunday, so I did some real research and dedcided I would condition the muscle

I would do 3 exercise involving hamstrings and glutes back to back; Bent leg hip thrust, leg press(no weight, horizontal), and straight leg hip thurst and i built up reps starting low. One session in morning and one in afternoon.

First day
2x6 of 4 minutes rest (between sets)
3x6 5 min

2nd day
2x8 4min
3x8 6 min

2x10 5min
3x10 6min

2x12 5min
then i played some soccer
no doubt made it worse

6th day i did
2x5 2min
3x5 2min

I saw the therapist and he said my rom increased, but now it is like a week later i tryed to start my trainning, but i still feel it so i usally cut my program short, and strech well,(pnf and static)
I played soccer that weekend and I could bearly walk on it. My coach said it could become permanent. Any ideas?

just had a hamstring injury,
its been 6 weeks now, after 3.5 weeks i was able to do competition(relaxed 11.40 on 100) and a week later full intensity (11.00 at 100m)

therapy consisted of:
elektro twice a week 15 minutes followed by massage.
every day cooling with ice 2x 15 min
as much eccentric hamstring excersizes.
sit on knee lock your ankles and bend forward.
… o
… /

something like in graphic.
3x 6-10 reps. breack 2 mins. 2-3 times a day.

and quite allot mild stretching(like microstretch 1min strecht, short break and stretch again. 3-5 times 2 times a day)

after 2 weeks i could do some runnig on the track without reactions the next day.