Hamstring grade 1

Does any one have any suggestions about methods of using dmso for hamstring pulls. Do you use heat before after or not at all? Any information would be helpful.

DMSO for a grade one pull? :eek:

Be very careful of DMSO. It is a transmitting agent that lets fluids move out of an injured area at the potential cost of weakening connective tissue, making you more likely to re-pull if you don’t take some time off speed work. For a minor grade 1 strain, ART should have you back in a matter of a few days. You could apply topical Traumeel cream, mixed 50/50 with a mild cream-based heat rub, on the affected area, covered with plastic wrap overnite.
I’ve seen Traumeel Cream in most drug stores lately in the heat rub section.

When is DMSO appropriate to use

DMSO is sometimes used as a carrier for other anti-inflams, such as Voltarin, aka Diclofinac (sp?) to help the anti-inflam penetrate. Of course, it has its own anti-inflam properties. This is a proper pharmaceutical grade- not the junk usually sold OTC in the States. Other topical carriers used include methylsalysalate (sp?). In extreme cases, where swelling make greatly prolong recovery- or prevent it altogether, as may be the case with spinal trauma, it can be applied immediately post injury to allow the fluid that would normally accumulate to pass through the tissue. I would only use it on direction of a sports doctor.

Thank you for the advise