Half-squats or anything above halfsquats

I brought in an excuse from my Rehab specialist saying “No squats below 33degrees” which is a half squat.

and he got real pissed at me and told me that going down only that far will hurt you even worse and it will put more stain on your knees and back than going down below parallel.

I think he studied the wrong kinisiology class in college.
I think he is BS.

Yall think he is BS

That’s a quarter squat, at best. 90 degrees (to parallel) is a half squat.

If you’re only going to do less than 1/4 squats in your training, it’s pretty useless other than stimulus during an injury period (but you wouldn’t want to use these less than 1/4 squats for that long anyways–esp. if your not strong enough to get the stimulus anyways). Why not do some heavy lunge type exercises with DBs since you’re so afraid about your back?

33 degress is nowhere near a parellel squat. We’re talking 90 degrees for a squat to be called a half squat. 1/4 squats like Davan said are what you are referring to, and I wouldn’t really see the usage in them either.

There are alternatives! I think many have suggested to you in the past… Bulgarians, lunges, stepups, etc… They are all there!

No, I don’t think he is BS, as long as they are executed correctly a full squat will not damage your knees. In fact, I believe they can actually strengthen your knees - with proper FORM!

I have Osgood Schlaters Disease. It’s very mild in my left knee, but fairly severe in my right knee. I used to have to use a ‘choplate’ strap for anything even mildly intense for my right knee. After using full squats, both ass to the grass back and front squats, both knee’s are in better shape than they’ve ever been. Some people really seem to not be able to keep their lower back tight in the bottom position, which is really the only thing you need to worry about. Keep the back arched, chest high, drive your head up, and everything should follow suit.

If deep squats were bad, Oly lifters would be in wheel chair’s, and powerlifters who squat over a grand would be paralized. Check the ego at the door, proper form is the goal, the weight will follow.

Actually it doesnt matter how good your form is, it will still hurt you.

Sorry, but that statement is rubbish!

What??? According to who? Why are you asking questions if you seem to have all the answers down?? :confused:

Is it any different than those weight vest posts? I don’t know why some people even ask.

O.K. Squats are bad for the knees.

And sprinting is O.K. for the knees???


According to joe defranco’s posts

You should stop exercising period then. Actually, the hardest thing on my joints in change of direction and agility work, something I see you do quite a bit. Sprinting also takes a toll on my joints much more than weight lifting. I’ve never had an injury lifting weights–not even close (no cramps, spasms, anything), but I have had cramps running, doing plyos, agility work, etc. Anecdotal of course, but the same goes for everybody I train with. I have never personally seen an injury weight lifting outside of cramps, and the only 2 times that happened was in a 3-a-day camp setting.