Guidelines for increasing Intensity and Volume

I know its has to be out there somewhere, so I was hoping instead of asking the same old question again …
Can someone help point me in the direction of Guidelines for increasing the volume and intensity of Speedwork and Tempo over the 3-1-3 cycles.
To answer questions:

How much should the Tempo Volume Vary over the 3-1-3 cycle
How much should the Speed work vary?

i like to increase something like 10% volume speed work a week.

And throughout the 3 week cycle how do you vary the varialbles?

Looking at the charts in CFTS, it looks like tempo volume doesn’t vary much over the 3-1-3 cycle. The speed-work does vary significantly, but I don’t have a good feel for the amplitude of the variation. I think I went from as low as 120m speed per session during a peak and up to around 400m per session after a 3-1-3 cycle. But note that I never did any SE work, so I would imgine that you could hit higher than this if you included more SE work or work in the 90 - 95% range.

Add in the variable of weight training and then training distance…it does get tough to balance out everything.

Ok check it out…
i increase my tempo to a certain point then drop it back down as the season goes on.
My question is with speed and speed endurance>
in max velocity/ accel in my 3-1-3 cycle i add about 20-50 meters week so for example here is my latest cycle…

week 1
6x30 (20 meter flying start)
total= 300 meters

week 2
3x30 (crouching start)
3x30 (20 meter flying start)
2x55 (crouching start)
total=350 meters

week 3
2x30 (crouching)
3x30 (20 meter flying)
3x60 (crouching)
total=390 meters

week 4
2x30 (crouching)
2x30 (flying)
2x55 (crouching)

For the next cycle i will probably start at around 380 and work my way up…
my question is how long should i keep working my way up for? Waht should be the highest volume of pure speed work should be 450 meters? i run the 100 200 and sometimes 400.

Now lets take a look at my latest special/speed endurance cycle…

week 1
total=600 meters

week 2
1x200, 4x150
total=800 meters

week 3
1x300 1x200 2x150
total=800 meters

week 4
total=450 meters

during my next cycle i would prob start at 700-800 meters but what would be the highest i would want to go up to?

just a note: my intensity during speed work is always 95-100% and during speed/special end work my intrensity is from 93-95% of my personal best time.
I havent been changing my intensity only the volume of my work during the unloading week.

also i am in the precomp phase of training…

Thanks Quik,
Maybe you could post your weekly schedule, just so I can get a feel for the total qty of work being done.

Also we must bear in mind that all the exercise variables should be considered as Clemson pointed out above, i.e. Speed Work, Tempo, Speed Endurance, Strength work etc. so that the training demands and stress aren’t increasing or decreasing as a whole beyond set limits of either volume or intensity at any one time.

I do my speed/special endurance work on mondays and do my speed workout on either wednesday or thurs.
The day after workouts i do tempo. anywhere from 1200-2200 meters and hurdle mobility. The day after i usually just warmup or maybee tempo again.

Can anyone else comment on my training reguarding volume that i have listed a few posts above?


Quika, considering that your SE sessions are very high stressfull ( over 90% ) what are your rest times between these reps ?