Ground reaction force-strength builder?

I’ve taken the liberty of posting same question in biomechanics thread, I didn’t know what section would be best for the post, I’ll see where it gets most response etc…


If somebody was to run with +5m per second wind, would their greater than usuall speed cuase higher ground reaction forces?(Would that help to strengthen the foot and achilles?)

Would it also help train the eccentric power of the hams and glutes seing as your knees would raise quicker at the higher running speed, and therefor the glutes-hams would have to work harder to stop knees raising too high?

I am considering that “wind assisted” sprints (or less resistance) may actually develope better strength qualities for sprinting than running in opposite direction of wind or “wind resistance runs”.

A) 100m wind = +5m per sec assist.
B) 100m wind = -5m per sec resist.
I believe scenario A is a better strength builder than B which may seem counter-intuitive- but think of ground reaction forces etc…

Ofcourse, 1 of the sprints could be done against the wind for neural potentiation, during the session so as not to ease off.