Ground Contact Time

I just started doing plyos and I noticed that my ground contact time is pretty long on exercises like depth jumps and jump squats compared to others. What can I do to improve this and how will it affect my sprinting? thanks.

With Jump Squats I don’t think GCT matters that much. I would ditch the depth jumps. To improve things, make sure you are crisp and recovered properly before you do a sprint workout and make sure the volume is not too little or too much.

Are there any negative effects to doing horizontal plyos (hops, bounds, skips, split jumps) up a very steep hill (45 degrees, grass)?I plan on doing this as a way to develop /strength/power in a more specific manner, compared to the weight room. I figure that it is so far from sprinting on the FV that it wouldn’t hurt.

Why would they be more specific? What is the FV? Sorry, trying to understand your logic.



sorry Force-Velocity curve…

Specific seems to be a anti-buzzword nowadays, but that’s the exact appropriate term.

More specific in the way that I’m

  1. Moving my own bodyweight
  2. Unilateral
  3. Hip/knee/ankle angles
    4 I’m producing vertical force to the ground to move myself horizontally along the earth’s surface

It’s basically horizontal plyos with a shit-load of resistance.

Watch out your Achilles; it might cause some trouble there…

If it’s worth doing them, that is -it’s up to you!

I plan on doing thuis just once a week and lifting 2 days.

as mentioned in the first post, i to have problems with with elastic spring when doing hurlde hops compared to other athletes(who i can still beat :stuck_out_tongue: ) however i understand that this is a very important factor in top speed. so…do i conciously try and improve this(if i am able to at all???) or do i focus on what im good at (strength/power)??? or just keep a good mix???