Grip Strength Training #2

The forum where I posted the last grip strength training thread which had great information from everyone that contributed got deleted. It was under “Extreme Sports” which no longer exists.
I would like to start this thread again based on what I remember us talking about.

Now that we know there are 3 types of grips strength …
1-Crushing 2-Supporting 3-Pinching
Which types are most important in each sport.
Baseball, Football, Tennis, Motocross, Lacrosse, etc.

Also if you were to make up a grip training workout what would it look like… For a Motocross athlete I am working with I am thinking about something like this for the end of our workouts 2x/wk. I would like it to be around 10 mins. Tell me what you think…

2x PLATE PINCHES (Failure)
2xDB HOLDS (Failure)

Sorry, I remember the thread but can’t remember some details. Can you describe the 3 different grips? thanks Q.

Crushing- ex. Crushing someones hand or an object or gripping a dynamometer (most popular measure of grip strength)

Pinching- ex. Picking up a weight plate as if you were reaching into a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese and putting on a pizza

Supporting- ex. Holding on to soemthing for an extended amount of time (Holding heavy dumbells at your sides)

Just out of curiousity, why did the other thread get deleted? :confused: Was there some grip training secrets that were released by some spy that was going to revolutionize the way people trained for sport? LOL

Or was this supposed to be another Russian secret for another 40 years! :rolleyes:

svs russian secret…for sure!!! Quik what about hanging on a pull up bar…or to be more specific at a motorcross angle maybe have this dude hang on a bar backwards while his standing up and leaning back… like a bodyweight row???

hmm. not a bad idea. Arms straight?

perhaps a wrist roller? they’ve been great so far for me