Great video


Gotta love those powerlifters!! They probably have the ugliest looking bodies of all athletes. I have to laugh at some of their lifts. They’re so fat that they only have to bring the bar down 6 inches for their bench press. Pretty impressive?!? :rolleyes: Cool vid though…

I will admit, some of the heavier guys are a bit rediculous. You see guys like Oleksandr Kutcher who lift in 165 and 181lbs weight classes, you might change your tune a bit. I posted it because that particular gym uses the westside barbell method which much of my strength training is based on. I know some other members utilize some of their methods so I thought I would post it. If you want to learn about westside principles or more advanced strength training in general, the article and q&a section over at if your best bet.

you have to respect them. their goal is to lift maximal weight. not win a beauty contest. the fact is, if they cut down most of them would by beasts. (i direct you to lookup the progress of dave gulledge or dave tate)

they’re beasts in their own right and deserve all the respect a sub 10 sprinter deserves.

Oleksandr Kutcher pulled 793, squats 825, at 165lb.

ps: i have this video and watch it pretty often for some motivation :smiley:

got damn thats alot ofweight.

the only thing i hate about powerlifting is the use of all those ergonomic aids. A squat suit that adds hundreds of pounds on your max, come on! same thing with bench shirts, belts, and knee and elbow wraps. all that stuff is bull and i think discredits the sport.

Thing is, they’re good at powerlifting because they have bad bodies. They don’t get short arms, short legs, thick trunk’s from powerlifting.

Being stumpy makes you a good powerlifter. (Mechanical advantage - primary movers, moment arms, etc.)

belts are now considered a cheating device… lol. i dont even want to explain how stupid that is.

there are still raw federations where you can see all raw lifts. and as for the “cheaters equipment”, they’re putting maximal effort as well as using some equipment to make their effort better. you dont just put on a bench shirt and suddenly the shirt does all the work.

you might as well call spikes cheating because it aids in traction during the sprint.

as for the “being stumpy makes you good”. start naming some stumpy powerlifters who’re at the top. massive hamstrings and quads, massive chests, massive arms, do not make you stumpy.

i never said that they were cheating devices. They compensate for a weakness. an athlete may have the neuromuscular capability in the prime movers of an excercise but lacks the structual components to perform a given task with out injury. So to me i cant start to talk about how stupid it is that people rely on them.

i follow the westside training methods and with great results, but if my body ever resembled one of those guys i would shoot myself. some of the federations are good using just a single ply suit and what not, but some get crazy. when a guy benches 700 raw and then benches over 1000 with a suit, there is something wrong with that. its not like sprinting in spikes, its like sprinting with a rocket booster up your ass. motivating video non the less as its nice to see the best lifters in action using a lot of the same principals that i do.