Grass times v's Tartan

Wondering, has anybody done any time comparisons for sprinting on grass compared to sprinting on tartan or mondo? Wind speeds and weather in general being the same, what could one expect the time difference to be? With there being 1. Good quality, flat, smooth hard grass track 2. Hard, uneven rough grass track 3. Soft, smooth track and 4. Soft, uneven rough grass track. As I live up to 7hrs drive away from a synthetic track and when I do make the trip, it seems to always rain, so the best I can do is run on any of the above tracks, except the first kind, cause it don’t exist. So, are we looking at say 0.1 sec per 10m time difference? People’s experience would be appreciated

I don’t know if there’s an exact way to know, but it is definately far less than .1 per 10m. I seem to remember Charlie saying something about Ben running 10.1e on grass.

I did some grass and track work many times in my previous GPP with my former training group. From my training journal I see that I was roughly losing a second per 200m. when switching from a hard mondo track to rough (but short), uneven grass. We did this at the same perceived effort as we were trying to determine precisely that, what times to expect as we were switching a lot of our work to grass because the track was unusable.

The quality of the grass can probably vary tremendously. The track Ben ran on was probably much much nicer than the ones you’re running on from your descriptions boldfacedwarrior.