Ordered the GPP DVD last night, showed me I was doing too little for fitness and that I kind of just jumped into MaxS and sprinting without the proper base training as would be recognized by CF (cant ignore the experience and results). While I am fit, I feel going through this will help more so than me continuing to just sprint and add more tempo, as well it was nice to see a proper warm up. I tried to make my short (4 week, 5th week is the first with 3 speed workouts back in it) GPP phase as much like CF’s GPP DVD, but made changes where I felt it would benefit me most(CF said he liked to listen to his athletes and was open to their suggestion, I suppose this is why I feel it is ok to modify it the way I did, you will see where it differs, and Ill write why). Was looking for peoples comments. Thanks
Day 1

  1. Warm Up 1(no need for 2 yet, basically, jog, side skips with arm motions for 15 min combined with both, low int medball throws up and down field, hurdle mobility, power speed drills, ballistic stretches)

  2. Medball Throw/Accel-3x10

  3. 10x10m Grass Hills

  4. Box Jumps-2x10

  5. Weights-5x3 for PC, 4x5 for Bench, DL/Squat, 3-4x10 for back, 3-4x12 or more for hip extension.

  6. Med Ball Ab Workout
    Day 2

  7. Big Circuit

  8. Med Ball Throws Up an Down Field-5-10x100

  9. Hip Ext. Circ. (1x10-14 of hyper, reverse hyp, glute hame, etc…)

  10. Abs-20 sec on 20 off, 30 on 30 off
    Day 3
    Repeat Day 1, but 10x20m
    Day 4
    Repeat Day 2
    Day 5
    Repeat Day 1, but 10x30m
    Day 6
    Repeat Day 2
    Day 7

  11. The next week, Ill have a speed session on flat grass, the next one on the track, one on grass, then two track, one grass, then finally three track

  12. As for power speed, I have the video and intend to use the progressions as follow (basically easiest to hardest) So week one Flat Grass, then Flat Track, Hill Grass, Hill Solid, then Ill use weight as a variable after GPP, right now Ijust want relaxation, quick ground contact times and good form.

  13. Medball throws/accell (im thinking Ill phase it into just throws as more track running is done) starts with just the accells, then progresses to throws with one hop, then two, then three finally, I feel with full track sessions, medball accells may serve as taking too much out of me, as well, once the track session comes into effect, Ill switch the session til after, it may sap me too much to have a full blown session prior to speed work. As well, I count these like plyos, thus lower volume, focus will shift more towards plyos (30 instead of 20, and 20 instead of 30 for medball) after GPP

  14. Weights, my volume is lower than charlie suggests, but not sure the intensity is much higher, I do well with less volume, and if I raise it, more sets. This i smy reason for this, Im using 8-10RM (estimated) for my strength lifts ,so relative to doing 5-6 reps in these lifts, it shouldnt be all that hard. As well, with tempo days flushing lots of blood into the joints, Im not too worried. Also, I like to keep speed an weights on the same day, Im not a fan of the split and dont see anything wrong with keeping it this way if I feel it is better suited to me.

  15. Hip Ext Circuit, charlie states in the DVD u can do a type of circuit on inbetween days, 1 set of the exercises

  16. Put the heavier and harder abs (medball) on high int days, and lower int. (20 on 20 off, 30 on 30 off) on inbetween days.

  17. As for when I start to run on grass, ill stay with falling, push up, etc… starts. When I get on the track, the accell day will consist of 30m sprints from down start, standing and falling, SE day split runs (60-80m runs without complete recover), and the 3rd day focusing on in and outs(as well these will be done on the accell day), possibly with longer accels (likely out to 40 or 50 because I will likely top out at 35-40), possibly flying runs focusing on relaxation rather than rate of execution.


Sounds good but a little hard to follow. Have you done tempo before because the big circuit is hard and you might want to build up to it from a cut down version to avoid serious doms/tightness if you arn’t used to it.

Yes, don’t go from having “too little fitness” to trying to do almost everything in the GPP right away.

i have been doing 1000-1200m of tempo runs, with 5-10 push ups and 25-30 abs between reps, and short walks between sets (only reason I cant do more), and have been doing 20-30 min fitness circuits for the last 3 weeks. I felt this was a good enough base, plus it is low intensity work, thus why it could be stacked on, in my mind at least. So does the 1000m + of tempo with the bw exercises and the 20-30 min bw circuits count for anything?

As well, by too little fitness, I meant it wasnt stretched out as much as it should be, I may have been going harder than needed, thus cutting the duration.

Looks reasonable, but my guess is that you will have to make mods as you go based on how your body reacts.

Also, as I recall, you had trouble keeping your strength while up-ing the sprint intensity. Not sure why, but make sure you have enough of a volume base in your strength work to sustain you through the season.

My biggest trouble came in advancing my strength while getting into more sprinting, but as you said, adjustments as I go. Generally when I get up to 300m of full on sprints in sessions, I feel a little drained in the weight room. Im using this period to up volume, and then next maxS to try and advance strength most., thanks for the input from everyone!