gpp without hills or medballs?

i’m thinking of getting the gpp dvd to help with my soccer training, but i have a couple of concerns:

I don’t have any medballs (and even if did i don’t have a training partner to help me perform the drills).

I also don’t think i can do hills, since they tend to make my right achilles tendon sore (i sprained it last summer)

So basically i’m wondering if there is still any point in getting the gpp dvd despite the missing components listed above.

ps: if you have any suggestions as to how to replace those components i’d appreciate it.

u dont need a partner for the drills, med balls or pretty cheap that shouldnt be a reason.

why does hills make ur achilles sore. if u really dont like hills use sleds or go 1-2 hill days and 1-2 sleds days. i really like the gpp dvd it was a nice buy for myself. LETS SEE WHAT OTHERS SAY.

keep the lower leg warm, between efforts, do a full warm up and hills are great.
as utfootball says, go the sled if you must, but hills are the go!
keep an eye on the lower leg during the runs, pull out when its getting tight.
surely you could do half the hills?
Med balls are pretty cheap, i found one the other day for 65 aust $$ at 5kg. thats got to be about $5 us?? lol.
i also have no training partner for the med balls, there is soo much you can do by yourself.

how heavy should they be in general?

i think cf said a good all around ball 5-6kg

i got a 2, 4 and a 10
could not get a 5-6 at the time i got my 4kg. but it seems to do the job

Instead of hills you could use light resistance with a harness

Agree re MBs. Also if the achilles is an issue, can you find appropriate stairs to use?? (Reduces the achilles stretch)

I have always wondered about the possibility of hills being sus for athletes at the start of gpp.

would it be better to do accellerations on the flat for a while to adjust to the stresses and then switch to hills and latter back to the flat,or if archilies are in any way sus leave out hills altogether ?

I don’t get why hills are bad? For my group they don’t cause any problems but we do use grass hills.

I find that with the use of hills in GPP it assists with the strength need to get appropriate angles for accelerating

Early season people are not strong enough for proper lean so therefore change the angle in the ground

I can’t find ANY hills around here. :o