GPP Video Speed Work Missing Chart

Hi, I already have the GPPVideo, and my question is Charlie was referring to the “Graph 1 Speed Work week 5” where you are only supposed to be doing one speedwork for the week, but I cannot find the chart on the pdf file download. It only shows the Graph 2 Week 6. On the missing graph which is also shown on the video but very unclear, seems to be showing Monday & Friday as Hillwork but Wednesday is so unclear. I would appreciate if I could be directed to the download or maybe emailed to me at with the complete pdf.Thanks

Probably won’t happen but you can see the workout below:
6x10 flat on ground
6x10 push up pos
6x20 high start
1x4x20 efe
1x50 high start

BTW - enjoy the workouts because they work…

Okay got it, much appreciated. Yes I am on my 2nd week only at the hills, so will enjoy them when the time comes. Thanks. By the way, I have the graph 2 Week 6, how about graph 3 week 7, is it supposed to be on the pdf as well?

Start posting your workouts…

Posting workout below;
Week 1;
M-W-F Tempo runs 8x100@60% with 10 pushups/situps between runs
T-Th-Sat Hill runs 10x10m,8x20m, 2x10 jump up on box.
Week 2:
M-W-F Hill runs 2x(6x40m) with 2x10 2 jump ups (using steps)
T-Th-Sat 10x100m@65% with 10 pushups/situps bt/runs
(ages of athletes 10-16yrs)

I have done hills 3x per week but I like other setups:

Setup 1:

Mon/Thur Hills
Tue/Fri: Tempo
Wed: GS

Mon/Fri: Hills
Wed: Controlled speed work starting week 3
Tue: Easy tempo 10x100 etc
Sat: Hard tempo 8-10x200 etc

How are the weights?


Mon/Fri: Hills
Wed: MB
Tue: Easy tempo
Thur: GS
Sat: Hard tempo

Really would love to include the weights, but no such equipment available for us at this time. I was also thinking to start doing flat speedworks on the 4th week, as I am using a 3-1 week mesocycle, and I think that the hill runs on that week would take up too much energy from my athletes as am planning on a time trial the end of the week on Saturday to compare the first timed trials before the start of this season.

I wouldn’t change to much - I think 3 speed and 3 tempo may be too much unless you are getting serious therapy… For your age group I think MB and bodyweight movements should do the trick and when they meet certain standards then worry about the weights.

I will keep that in mind. Which would you recommend I cut between the two, OR are you suggesting I do 2 speed and 2 tempo’s in a week instead, and slowly build up? I also think that the MB and the BW would be enough for now as well. This is the first year for most of my athletes except one, and we are getting ready for a comp. only 3 months away.

I probably would have started out by age group:

8-10 years old: 2 speed/1 tempo
12-15 years old: 2 speed/2 tempo
14-16 years old: 2 hills/2 tempo/1 mb.

Another thing I may do with very young athletes 8-10 yrs:

Bw movements

Saving the hill work for the next bracket.

I am doing hillwork only to give my athletes a better chance to master the deep angles and strength required for the start in such a short period of time. Will also be doing the flat starts as per the graph 1 and 2 after the 4 weeks of hill work to also help out in this area.
Will think about your suggestion and maybe do it to my younger athletes.

I understand the reason behind hill work - my point is 7-12 years old don’t need hill work - too many coaches in this country hate the slow cook process.

7-12yr old:
Simple MB and Jumps
Bw movements
2-3 times per week is all they need.

No reason for 7-12 yr olds to train 6 times per week - shit I wouldn’t even want to spend 6 days per wk training that age bracket…

Understood. I will take your advise to heart. I see the good in what you are saying. Thanks again.

A lot coaches mean good but they are fucking up tons of young athletes - esp the one I saw at the track last week (killing the young kids with 400 repeats - kids were dropping like flys)… If you don’t take anything from this thread - plz don’t make 7-12 year olds train 6 days per week…

Okay, I know that I am not wanting to be one them coaches for sure and don’t get me wrong, “I fully understand what you’re trying to get across” no need to further emphasize it.

Done properly hills are fine. I trained kids 1 day a week and their only speedwork was club 1 day a week. Teach motorskills and use med ball work sparingly with a 1kg ball. They are not little adults.

No way I would have a 7yr old doing hill work. If you want motor skill develop teach them basic sprint drills and tumbling exercises…