GPP speedwork: grass or track?

Should speed sessions in GPP be done on grass or on the track? I do tempo on grass. Can’t recall seeing anything on whether GPP speed should be on grass, too.

Non-related item: Isorobic work in SPP. I assume that gets included on speed days and is part of the acceleration work. How many days in the week would you use Isorobic Exerciser in SPP? Should it be used at all during CP? Just looking for some thoughts on how this tool is incorporated during various phases. I’m not using it during GPP.

Hills are good on grass maybe some of the runs from push up position.

For the ISOrobic do a search you will find stuff. I asked charlie the same question. I remember him telling me that, I should stick to the hills as much as possible and only use the isorobic when I cant get to the hills and maybe during SPP. The distances were out to 30m and no more than a .4 slow down in time. Ex. if you run 4.0 for the 30m, you should run 4.4 with the iso.

I would do speed sessions on the track. If the goal is speed, then the track is best suited to this. However, monitor the pounding your body is taking. If you feel beat up, doing more work on the grass is probably safer.

I’m not sure why you couldn’t/wouldn’t do Isorobic work in GPP as well. It is a good tool for building acceleration and I would think that it can be used as a substitute for hill runs. I just got an Isorobic myself and am anxious to try it out. I just need to get a longer rope. $24…Ebay is great.

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Thanks. I have been doing speed on the track in GPP, just curious if there’s any consensus on that. I always do the hills on grass of course.

Just not sure where hills/isorobic fit in during SPP. I’d guess once or twice a week as part of acceleration work.

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I would do all speedwork on the track. If you want to do hills maybe incorporate them into your strength endurance session on a seperate day from speedwork.