GPP/Special endurance for 100/200 - Please Criticise

Between October and December we do 2 main sessions:
500 200 400 300 with 5-8 minutes between reps
300x4 with 3-8 minutes between

I take it these would be classed as GPP and not Spec end. In this case our Spec end/speed end would begin January and typically include either of the following for a few weeks:
4-5x150m with 12 minutes between
250, 200, 150 with 20 minutes between
110x4 with 12 minutes

Other training would include 30m and 50m sessions.

Does the GPP last too long? Are the spec end overworked? Are the sessions sufficient for speed end?

Please Criticise

Surely it can’t be perfect!

What age and training age are the athletes? How many weeks long is the GPP? From your description it could be 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the start and finish.
Also what percentage of max is the 5,2,4,3 series as they have some longer breaks?

The ages are between 19 and 34, national and international. GPP last 6-8 weeks but sometimes we bring back the odd 300 session later on. The intensity is atleast 90% although down the home straight it seems almost 100%. The different recovery times do not alter the intensity; just the duration of each run.

Recovery times DO alter intensity. This is a time-related phenominon- not a perception of effort. When I say 95th percentile or higher, this is strictly a function of best possible time (either at that time of year, if it must be done early on, or all-time if done after speed is in place).

Therefore the intensity of runs would be 85-90% intensity.

Can I just check on the definition of intensity. If the last run performed is 85% of best time, but requires a 100% effort (due to fatigue) this still 85% intensity?

Thanks Charlie

Is 8 weeks a little long?

If it at 85% of best current time, it is medium intensity.