GPP - Short to Long - Long to Short

Question I have is from the vancouver series

The short to long program has workouts on MON - WED - FRI

The long short program has workouts on

Why is there only two hard days in the long to short?

Also In GPP - you agree with plyos 3 times a week with up motions low contact #'s combined with med ball 3 times a week - also with Phase 1 OF weights.

Is this too much?

Therse are examples of programs and are not the only possibilities. there could easily be a M,W,F set-up for the long-to-short.
That said, it’s more likely that a 2 speed day set-up would be found in a L to S peogram because that type of program suits those with a lower capacity for and/or longer recovery from CNS work.

As for plyos, I’d rather do smaller numbers more often. This is less likely to create a shock in the weekly cycle that would interfere with the prime objective- speed work.

Sorry to interrupt - but are those “Chariots of Fire Shorts” in your avatar Coach?


Picture is of one of my athletes - took a picture of himself for a tv commercial

He did not get it


Check out the Italian sprint training thread for thoughts along the programming line (not the shorts though!)