Gpp Setup

I notice in the gpp dvd Charlie recomends initially 6 days of weight work and three days of hill sprinting. I was thinking of possibly expiramenting with a program of day 1:hill sprints, upper body weights, day2:hill sprints, lower body weights. day 3: tempo,conditioning
day 4:hill sprints upper body weights, day 5:hill sprints lower body weights, day 6: tempo- conditioning
so 4 days of hill sprints, 4 days of weights two tempo days in the gpp. any thoughts?

What sort of weight work exactly? This sounds like a recipe for injury unless we are talking very low intensity and lower volume of stuff. Can you give more details from what Charlie said exactly?

Charlie said to do 6 days of weight work and three days of hill sprinting in the gpp dvd plan. Check the gpp thread in planning and periodization. It’s the real big thread check out the discussion around page three.