GPP Schedule query

Is the GPP Phase, conducted in 3 week microcycles? Or do you work straight through the 8-12 week period?

Microcycles are of increasing value as intensity rises, so for a beginner GPP, I’d go straight through and only worry in the SPP but for a top athlete it might play a role, but a small one relative to the SPP. Likewise, a S-to-L GPP would be the most likely to require it

I have gone straight through it this year. After I got tore my quad a few years ago I didnt think I needed a gpp to help with the strength I had lost during the injury. I was wrong. I went from 10.4-10.3 to 10.9-11.5 during the last 2 seasons.

10.4 to 11.5? If you ran 10.4, you should be able to run 11.5 hopping on 1 leg.

after the tore quad i was running on one leg