GPP or Vancouver?

I have 70 bucks to blow right now and I was wondering which would be a better buy (i already have the CFTS) would the GPP Essentials be the firsto to buy and wait to get the Vancouver 2004 series or vice versa?

can someone gimme the pros/cons(if any lol) of each?

I like both, but if it was your first purchase here i’d have to recommend Vancouver 2004. You wont be disappointed, here Charlie revisits and gets into details on core fundementals.

Will you be a better Coach/Athlete by digesting the content? I’d say so in my humble opinion.

GPP is great, but as its name states…its a GPP product. So expect content around GPP. Vancouver is broader from a content perspective.

Hope this helps with your choice.



Rupert is right, go with the Vancouver series.

I havent “viewed” either but I was at the van seminar and I would say it was quite informative and offers some very good direction and concepts on training and how to setup a program. It was really well run as well.

Vancouver 04:

Explains how to plan and periodise training along with a whole 12 week training phase for SPP1 in two formats both Long to Short and Short to Long. It talks a lot about the theory of sprint training. It is a lecture.


Is a “how to” product. It covers GPP only. You get footage of all the GPP drills and explanation. Plus an example 7 week (i think) GPP schedule. There is also footage of propper weight lifting technique.

Obvously it would be best to get both as they are complementary.

Tough call. for general overall content, Vanc has things covered. For immediate application and visual reference, GPP is the way to go.