Gpp Dvd

Just got the DVD yesterday and watched it last night. Very nice job - I especially liked the fact that it contained a detailed daily program for GPP. I wish I had it back in the fall when I was doing my GPP. I would have liked to have tried it out.

In double or triple periodization, you’ll have at least one more “kick at the can”. If phase one has a 9 week GPP, the phase two GPP could be 3 weeks, phase three would be from 2 weeks to active rest only.

Yes, I figure at this point I’ll have to wait until after indoor season. I’m going to watch the video again tonight and try to note my questions…brace yourself :slight_smile:

“Brace yourself” sounds like Irish foreplay

Cool glad you like it XLR8!

Charlie, can I get this DVD shipped to me from within Canada? I’d like to buy it but dont want to pay duties and all that crap from the US :slight_smile:

Since I am in Ontario can someone send me a PM with Canadian pricing and local shipping?

Thanks again,

I’m also in Ontario and would appreciate that information

We ship from Ontario, this should make getting the DVD easy and hassle free. Ontario residents can even pick up their copies.

Hope this helps,

Pick it up? :slight_smile: from where? I might just do that very soon then. Thanks Rupert