GPP DVD Planning Questions


I’m looking to put together a GPP plan for football based on the template laid out on the GPP DVD. After going through the DVD in detail, here is my synposis. Please let me know if I got anything wrong.

The plan on the DVD is for 7 weeks. There is 7 weeks of progressive hill work provided and in the last three weeks, speed work is introduced.
There are three graphs for the speed work as well. So far so good. This all fits nicely.

However, I’m not sure how the weights and explosive med ball work fit in. There are three graphs (1 week each) showing progression for the med ball work and three graphs for the weight work (also 1 week each) but how do they fit into the 7 week plan? I’m assuming that I will be doing some weight work throughout the 7 weeks, no?

Secondly, given the breakdown with the weights, explosive med ball and hills/speed work. It looks like at least one of these elements is done m-sat. Where does one fit in the tempo work, hurdle mobility and easy med ball work? Lastly, you have demonstrations of some plyos (mostly ‘up’ plyos) how do those fit in to the overall plan and how do they progress through GPP?

Sorry for all of the questions…I’m trying to get a comprehensive understanding of how to incorporate all of the elements for an effective


quite a few pages, if you haven’t seen it, but it should give you many ideas and answers to similar questions asked by others, i think

hope it helps!

Thanks Nikolouski! I (re)read that thread just now, but I’m still not clear on the distribution of the progressions of med ball work and weights. I saw that you presented a plan for this, but I was hoping to get Charlie’s take on it. In addition, I still wasn’t clear on tempo work…is it 3x/week MWF no matter what other elements are on that day or some other layout?

Hills are 3x/week M/W/F+ upper body weights
Tempo is 3x/week T/TH/SAT+lower body wieghts+medball/core

Instead of what days to plan, think of high intensity followed by a recovery day (tempo). The lower body weights follows the tempo work and upper body weights follow the hill work. I cant quite remember but the DVD flips this routine on week five. Putting the lower body on the hill days and the upper body on tempo.
At the end of the GPP the weights (upper and lower) are all done on the speed days. Leaving the tempo days free of weights by week seven.

Im in the 30+ age group and I need alot of recovery work and therapy but my schedule for GPP will be…

Tu-speed+lower wieghts
wed-pool+upper wieghts
fri-recovery(message Tx exercises etc…)
saturday- speed+lower wieghts
sunday-pool+upper wieghts
monday-rest or active recovery

my gpp dvd should be here soon! but in the meantime, weights 6 days a week?

Well, almost. The first graph for weights has upper on MWF and Lower on TThS. The second graph has it reversed. Third graph has a more traditional whole body routine on MWF. However, I didn’t see any guidance as far as when to move between the graphs…perhaps I missed it. Same with the med ball work. What week do I move from graph 1 to graph 2 to graph 3?

Also, med ball work is never moved from TThS, so that will be a high CNS element on every day throughout GPP. This is probably why the volume is dropped by nearly half on these by the end.

ok sorry, i thought you had missed it
about the points you are not clear about, this is what i did and had no problems -well, depending on day/session and overall week’s load

  1. when i started med ball work i did it all on tempo days; you might think that there is some CNS element everyday, as you say in later post, but overall i think the stress is less vs. later on and on the track, so the body can handle it; although later on (track sessions) i kept the same scheme, when track sessions dictated it (i.e., heavy), i was going easy on some of the med ball exes (e.g., the triple-hop exe); also, on the same day, i did the hurdle exes (at the end of the tempo), although these can be separated (i.e., med ball and hurdle work)
  2. if i am not mistaken, the weights swap when track work is introduced (week 5?), i.e., hills/track+lower weights & tempo+upper weights and the more traditional schedule from week 7 onwards (track x3)
  3. obviously you can arrange tempo work as you like, but i WOULD do it x3 plus all others, especially early in the season, as i felt it helped a lot; increase it progressively up to a good point for your game and then standardise it to a comfortable level to leave other elements develop

not sure if i am missing anything here; let us know!

i know you prefer CF on this, but this is what i did after asking him a few things and placing them in a normal sequence and progression and had no problems and a solid GPP

hope it helps!

i didn’t necessarily followed the sequence of the graphs at the exact points, but rather i chose a progression that suited me best according to the rest of the elements; the order though remained the same…
the volume drops, as you say, but it’s still manageable; or try it and see how it goes! you spot any differences, or when it’s too much for you…

I think that’s a good description. The med ball is mostly low intensity and that which is higher gets easier to handle over the duration of the GPP, hence it’s left on Tues, Thurs, Sat. The shifts in the weights are less-than-formulaic because it depends entirely on the interplay of all the other elements which cannot be predicted in advance by me. If you keep an eye on the speed of execution of the runs and the recovery, you’ll be able to determine when to shift for yourself. If you look at the Graph showing the changes in differentiation of intensity, you will see a general point at which to make the weight shifts, though exactly when is up to you. Hope this helps.

Cool. Thanks for all of the help guys. OK, one final question. Are there any general or specific modifications you would make if this plan was GPP for a football tailback as opposed to a sprinter preparing for outdoors?

I’m thinking that the biggest differences in the plan will show up during SPP (for example, minimal need for SpEnd work) but is there anything that a running back should do differently in GPP?

I suspect the GPP could remain quite similar, with the main likely difference being in the weight emphasis, which might require some shortening of the hill lengths. As you say the real differences will be with the SPP and no SE.

i think the above is a very good point, i.e., in order to leave strength develop even more, hills might have to be reduced in terms of distance; and this applies to other elements as well hopefully, you will see it for yourself and it makes sense…

good luck!

I have watched the DVD several times and remain confused about what days plyos should be done on and how the work is structured e.g. sets/reps/intervals for the exercises.


hey CF would you replace the se for another speed?