GPP DVD Ab and Med Ball Exercises

The DVD shows a series of low intesnity ab exercises (e.g., fast partial cruches, elbows-to-knees, etc.), as well as low intensity med ball work, which has a strong core component as well. I’m curious as to how you distribute the core work between these two methods.

For example, are the simpler (crunch type) exercises used mostly during warm ups and cool downs? Are they mixed in with the med ball exercises in a circuit? Would you use the easier crunch type exercises on speed days and emphasize the med ball core work on tempo days?

I realize there are a lot ways to distribute the core work, but I’m curious as to what you have found effective for most athletes.

can someone explain how the med ball routine (explosive and core) would progress from GPP(like shown on dvd) into SPP and comp phase


personal experience.
on low int days you use most of the ball exercise, as well as abs and callistenichs.
on high int, can use some (few)partner med ball to warm up your back,and abs afterwards, but not many
from gpp to spp to comp…
in gpp you lay your base, use the highest volumes progressing into spp, where volumes raise up to acertain point, then mantain, you do not incrase volume but rather mantain on low int days.
on comp, you decrease just a bit but should be no problem since they are low int.

Volume decreases through GPP then i would switch explosive med. ball to high intensity days in SPP and comp. to account for higher demands of track work.

thanks for the response’s,
i have switched my exp med ball to speed days.
however in the GPP dvd the exp med ball has the throw then a short run out. now in the gpp there about 5 exp meb ball exercise’s which 4 out of the 5 has hops then run out.
im finding that i really dont have the energy left after a session to do the run outs on these.

so that why i was asking if somethings is meant to change from GPP - SPP, i have dropped the volume so instead of doing then X10 im down to X2, but still finding the run out after the hops are killing me.

Sounds like the problem is cumulative, so, I’d reduce the number of spssed sessions that include the med ball run outs fron 3 to perhaps one or two per week and see if that helps. You will be moving away from these exercises moving into the SPP anyway.

ok thanks,
so what would be done in SPP, do you cut them out completely?

so you were talking also of explosive med ball…my response was just for the conoditioning part.
I’ve never come near 50 explosive throws, too much for me, the most used in a session being like 20.
I love 2 hand underhand front throw, not shown in dvd.(?)

yeh just talking about exp throws!!!
as the ones in the GPP dvd all have a run out.

now that im in SPP i feel i cant handle the run outs.