GPP and SPP for 200m -- critics and some discussion point long to short / sho to long

In the attachment you can see my SPP(i hope you can see it…) Otherwise please email me…

here is an extract from my GPP and SPP for 2007.
Its for 100/200/400m.
Any critics are welcome.

I had a few ideas that are quiet interesting(as i think…):

  1. seperate lactic and alactic(pure speed day)
  2. For the special endurance runs on the day with lactic work:

a) short to long has the advantage for me that you get better used to the length of the runs up to 400m
b) i see one problem with short to long:
if you are just doing it from 80 up to 400m in the longterm, you are having a “negative intensification”. The runs at the beginning a higher int then at the end.

I try to regulate it with acc-limits at the beginning and then i do the weights before(just on special end days of course) running. So i shuldnt be able to get too early too fast.
200m is a switch point for me: Longer runs arent even at the 95%-limit. So i try to regulate the runs from 80-180m(normally lets say 97% at the end and of course 100% at the start) also in the 95% area…

I hope you see my point…

So, what do you think? Is it useful to compensate the intensity in the early stages to ensure that you have a grudual intensification…

There is never negative intensification because some high speed element should remains throughout the entire SPP to maintain the speed that is developed earlier.

i was just talking about the speed end day - so you think that its no problem with it.
Of course, the whole intensification raises, if the times start getting better.

I was just thinking about the special end runs; isnt its a fact that a 400m(at the end of SPP) isnt as high as the 150m(at the beginning).
Although the times are getting better over the long distances as well.

I saw at the vancouver DVD that you use accel-limits to be sure that the athlete isnt running times he isnt prepared for.
So what do you think about weights before sprints to have the same effect like accel-limits - to regulate the intensification ?

What do you think about the overall plan?

I’m not sure about the weights before speed work idea because what you are effectivly doing is creating a speed end session because the recovery is incomplete and maximal speed isn’t possible.

I understand your idea about the intensity but i think it is the way you are thinking of intensity. If you look at the weight training graph, which shows snatch as being more intense than plyos even though plyos are out and out the most intense exercise you may see a paralell with what you describe?

Also consider how the sessions are constructed. If you have 2x300m as SE runs well you could also put in some kind of longer block work before it to keep the total intensity of the session fairly high. e.g. a few blocks to 40m. Look at the short to long graphs on Van’04 and see how charlie has done this just before the precompetition phase.

I think the original question was for weights before special endurance. As the season progresses, however, track work intensifies -or it should do- to such an extent that nothing should come before that in my opinion. I wouldn’t use a weights’ session as an “acceleration limit”.

At the same time and in order to avoid any undesirable peaks, the volume within the track sessions should spread into different components, so an overall balance is maintained (e.g., the block work mentioned by TC). This can be quite important.

The accel limit is there to keep you just below your current capacity to stay safe. Moving the weights before the speed just lowers your capacity, making it necessary to lower the accel limits even further to stay safe- not the goal.

oh, thats an interesting point.

Thx for your hints! I m starting with it in feb. And i guess i cancel the idea with the weights. :rolleyes:

A different question:
In the GPP you are doing hills up to 3 times a week. A love this kind of training in the GPP and i had great succes with it.

But: what do you think about 2 times hill-work and one time resisted runs? Especially for early SE development(400m…)?

Do you have a good reason for putting it in there? Does it serve a purpose in your overall plan? If so then do it. But remember SE can be worked many ways including hills. All you need is a high level of speed and less than full recovery.

I did a day of hill runs and a day of sled pulls this year with good results so I think it can be done. note: I usually only do 2 sprint days.

i do 2 h int days also.

I just think its a big difference if i train SE with incomplete rec or with lactic runs…