Got hypertrophy yet?

Here is a link for all you hypertrophy boffins.
It’s got a forum too…

Maybe it is just drivel? I wouldn’t know, I’m just providing the link.

I did training cycle using it’s principles - worked well. I piled on the mass.

imo its terrible!

the example program gives 6 sets for the bis and 6 for the tris. Legs get 9!
Who here has arms bigger than there legs so much so that they need to do more sets for them!

It’s just an example program, but the princples work

forget about sets, that’s an archiac way of thinking.

It’s a simple form of linear periodization.

Full body workouts, increasing loads with decreasing reps, restricted volume, and increasing intensity of effort. Great for beginners and those who have been on high volume programs. Nothing spectacular. Just another case of good marketing…“If it’s HYPERTROHY SPECIFIC, it’s got to be good…right?”


The concept of doing whole body workouts three times a week is more efficient for strength gains.

Training frequency is a factor of training volumes, intensity, recovery abilities, nutritional status, daily stress, general physical activity, etc. For some, 3 times per week may be appropriate. For others not.