Good Resources

I have an MS in exercise phys, attained my CSCS from the NSCA, and have been an assistant strength & conditioning coach at a major university since graduating from grad school about 2 years ago. Most of my knowledge has been gleaned from practical experience, learning from mentors, and various books and journals, mainly those promoted by the NSCA and/or published by Human Kinetics.

It’s clear from roaming around this board and others, including, that there is a large body of training literature and techniques that I haven’t been privy to. In fact, the NSCA seems to be looked upon as rather conservative and even dull in their promotion and thinking. I’m certainly interested in expanding my knowledge base in this regard.

I’m interested in expanding my knowledge base for S&C in sports and training in general.

If members could recommend any resources, books, manuals, tapes, CDs, videos, websites, journals, what have you, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Charlie Francis “Training for Speed” the book