Golden Gala Mens 100m Heats

If you look at the blocks, you’ll notice that the pads are very long. When u start the heel needs to go back in order to go forward, this is called a stretch reflex.

Stretch reflex
“Another example is the group of fibers in the calf muscle, which synapse with motor neurons supplying muscle fibers in the same muscle. A sudden stretch, such as tapping the Achilles’ tendon, causes a reflex contraction in the muscle as the spindles sense the stretch and send an action potential to the motor neurons which then cause the muscle to contract; this particular reflex causes a contraction in the soleus-gastrocnemius group of muscles.”

maybe this is why they place the foot high up on the block so as the heel can go back with out hitting the pad.

although i think i saw john smith on HSI video teaching to put the heel against the pad when in the set postion.

Charlie,pj, any views on how does a high v low foot placement on the pad make a differnce to your acc mechanics from the blocks

It makes a difference when every meet doesn’t have those long starting block pads.

wow tyson 9,77

I got some additional reliable information on Asafa. The surgery on his Pec from last year left the ROM on that side limited and he has needed alot of therapy to get it back. I don’t know if this caused his ankle problem but the pec issue is being resolved. With what he’s giving away at the start, behind Gay, who is not noted for great starts, improvements in the ankle and pec can gain him alot of time. We’ll see.

Rank Athlete Nation Result Reaction time
1 GAY, Tyson USA WL,NR,MR 9.77 0.171
2 POWELL, Asafa JAM SB 9.88 0.151
3 BLAKE, Yohan JAM PB 9.96 0.223
4 BAILEY, Daniel ANT PB 9.97 0.148
5 MULLING, Steve JAM PB 10.01 0.163

Wow, another Jamaican under 10 and one knocking at the door. Anybody know what clubs these two are with?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the two are related as this is along the lines with something that one of our team orthopods told Buddy and I: a lack of mobility at the hip has been found to be directly linked with instance of shoulder injury.

mullings im not sure but Blake is with Bolt’s coach Glen Mills (who also trains Daniel Bailey). Their club is on fire:cool:

They the next HSI!

Asafa doesn’t have the same power drive he had last year where he pretty much went zig zag and covered both sides the lane. I dont know how serious his ankle injury is but as everyone else is saying it is affecting his start.

Is the berlin track going to be resurfaced for sure? Very few sub 10s on that track with its current surface (forgot the name)

mulling train with brauman camp

Powell looked like crap seriously. His time is good considering the way he ran… I hope his ankle recovers very soon so that he is 100% in Berlin.

Quite interesting. Asafa finished just third in Lignano with 10.42

Here are the results:
Organizzazione: Nuova Atletica dal Friuli - Lignano Sabbiadoro
100 metri Uomini - 100 meters Men - RISULTATI

Serie Unica STADIO G. TEGHIL - 12 Luglio 2009 Ora Inizio: 21:45 - Vento: -0.3
Clas. Cors. Pett. Atleta Anno Cat. Regione Società Prestazione
2 3 39 BARNES Winston 1988 PM JAM00 JAMAICA 10.41
3 4 36 POWELL Asafa 1982 SM JAM00 JAMAICA 10.42
4 2 40 WILLIAMS Chris 1972 SM JAM00 JAMAICA 10.43
5 6 38 CHECCUCCI Maurizio 1974 SM PD131 G.S. FIAMME ORO PADOVA 10.46

Is this for real? 10.4? and 2 days after running 3 races in a week?

10.42 might not be as bad as it first appears. Apparently in the past he has jogged in the youth/disabled heats in the past due to some friendship or association with the town or organizers.

Ohh i see.
Now… does this race count towards the magic 18 races :D:cool:

He’s used Lignano as a summer camp in the last couple of years, so he may have made a deal with the meet organisers.

Wariner ran 45.74 in the same meet. The Carribean track and field forum calls it a training meet.

So would a 10.4 really count in the 18 race count? or is it too sub maximal

It wouldn’t count the way I count :).