Baptiste beats Crawford

30 + sprinter + John Smith is not a good combo- you need young fresh legs for that program.


lol, yea explain that one I’m all ears.

Someone forgot to tell Carmelita bc she ran her fastest time just before her 30th birthday under John Smith. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I was doing some research on “the Jet”. If you look at video of her from about 3+ years ago her upper body was deficient in any kind of muscle mass. Also, she was more girly. Make no mistake about it, she was still pretty fast.

Fast forward today, her upper body has made a CLEAR transformation and her personality is more masculine and aggressive. So from what I gather, JS does not play around, he makes sure is athletes hit the gym.

I had a friend who is trained by john smith and I did the program with him- and everyone in the squad got burnt out, or injured.

The volume of training HSI do is too much, the warm up last 1 hrs, the track volume is huge, repeat 6 sessions a week- older sprinters won’t succeed on the program. If Crawford didn’t have years of wear and tear he maybe suited to hsi - he still might post some good times if he can handle the work but I have my doubts.

you know there can always be exceptions however on the balance of probabilities old leg’s don’t suit the program, Look at bolden and green they faded rapidly at the end of their careers, especially compared to frankie or linford- who still run well the their late 30s.

I didn’t know HSI trained 6 days a week.

Yea Linford in to age 36! But at the same time, wouldn’t faster times be reason for a shorter career? Guys in Linfords day ran 10.00/9.9 on average. Green consistently ran under 9 sec.

What kind of therapy was in place?

Its the degree of decline relative to PB, remember that 10.8 from Green and I recall Bolden running 10.4s at the end of his career. These guys had a sig decline relative to PB.

Today Crawford performed poorly again…has anyone watched the 60 in Boston on tv?

Not on until Sunday.

How did Adam Harris run?

6"65 in the heats…waiting for the final…got repecheage.

Great, his start has been lacking but very talented sprinter.

Thats cuz he focuses on it too much.

As far as Crawford, the only explanation I could think of is that sometimes when an athlete has to change and adjust so much about their technique, they run terribly at first. And with Crawford, he has A LOT to change and adjust. If i’m right, than these meets are just testing to see what he’s learned so far and putting it to use.

Are you talking about Harris?

1st line was about Harris, all the rest was about Crawford.

Do you coach him? :wink:

I agree with the crawford comment, give him time.