Misnamed Sprinter's Training Log

Wake up at 188-191, gain 3-4 lbs over the course of the day.

WU Red
1300 tempo (4x1)(2,3)(4x1)
Bench 3x4 245 275 295
w/ seated row x8

Weather was great Sunday and it was supposed to storm yesterday (it didn’t) so I headed to the hill to start the unload…

Sun: 210m/3 contacts
WU Green
Hills: (25,20,30)(50,45,40) varied rep rest/ 6 minute set rest
Threw in a 3broad out of curiosity and it was up 9 inches from last time…

Great session… Had my fastest times at nearly every distance… As far as the splits go, it looks like from 20-40 I either accelerate or maintain speed and lose a bit of speed after 40.

That’s the last GPP hills session. If weather cooperates, I’ll be using 50m hills once a week in SPP as a sort of early speed/strength endurance session.

1200 tempo (4x1)(2x2)(4x1)
Shoulder raise complex 2x10 20s
w/ pullups x12
1 arm DB row 2x10 60
w/ dips x12

Dym flex
Power Clean 2x4 235 275
Shot Tests:
OHB: 50’6 (+1’ 6")
BLF: 48’ 10" massive PR…(+3’ 7")
Tested Forward Chest pass too but never got out to where I was last time

Squat 642 275 295 355
RDL 642 235 255 275

Great day overall, happy with the pretty big testing PRs and how easy the weights went up…

Happy Birthday Charlie
Love James and Charlie

Hurdle Mobility x6
tried out a tempo workout on the indoor rower:
2x(2x1min, 2x1:30)
Bench 2x4: 265 285
w/ 5 muscle up

Thurs: 150m
WU Green
Indoor speed:
30m sled,30m pushup
30m sled, 30m 2pt
30m 3pt

This is definitely the fastest I’ve ever felt… Might just be that it was my first time on the track since May but it felt awesome

Tried to test jumps afterwards… didn’t really work out. I did manage to VJ 36 again and bound 63’ 3" (61’ 1" last time). But the broad jumps just didn’t feel like I could get my legs into em. No worries really… they are easy to keep track of throughout training.

DL 642 295 335 385
Rev Lunge 10,6,4 215 245 260
1x(10 hyper complex, 10 bent leg hyper)
2x(30 MB Wall Sit, 20e db side bend)

8 week GPP is done! 51 workouts and 164 sprints in the books… every one of them has been blessed with good fortune as far as weather etc go and never felt like recovery has been a problem… really excited about the direction I’m moving.

Now I’m off school for a week and gonna take a trip to MD to see soe family… SPP starts whenever I feel like comin back… First speed session probably Tuesday though.

Nice little rest from thurs-tuesday… now I’m back at it.

SPP week 1:

WU red
Rudiment A 1x15
Multi jump 1x20
3x(1min,1:30) w/ core between

Wanted to get something in to make sure I didn’t have anything tighten up over the rest period and to get my CNS woken up… and to lose a little of the extra water weight I gained from killin food all weekend.

Tues A: 210m
WU Green
3x(30sled, 30 no sled) and another 30 on the last set
alternated 2pt and 3pt start positions

Took a little extra to get fired up this morning due to the rest/less than perfect nutrition, but the runs felt quick once I got started.

Tues B: Weights, 40 plyo/throws
Power clean 3x3 245 265 275
set 1,3 alt leg bound 3e
Squat 4x4 335 345 355 365
RDL 4x4 275 285 295 305

12lb Mb throws 4each throw, 1 set with 1 hop, another with no hops

2x(20 10lb MB wall throw sit up, 15e 35 plate twist, 30 PB exchange)

Weights went up easy and throws felt explosive, nice to get back into it.

WU Red, hurdle mobility 8 hurdles
4x200 indoors 31-33s
4x200 outdoors 28-30s
alternating race/opposite directions
3m rest

Runs went very well… the rest felt a bit long but I didn’t want anything tightening up from hitting the curves at faster speeds than I have been.

Since the week started on tuesday and I only have certain facilities open to me on certain days I’m going to get back into a Monday thru friday schedule for next week and the rest of this week will look like:

Thurs: AM Hills, PM jumps
Fri: Upper weights, GS Circuit
Sat: AM speed, PM weights
Sun: Off

Then the next 2 weeks will be roughly:
Mon: AM speed PM weights/throws
Tues: tempo
Weds: Speed
Thurs: GS or rower tempo
Friday:AM speed, PM weights

The speed sessions will depend on the weather… whatever day it looks like the weather will hold I will do hills. If I feel like recovery is an issue or if weather isn’t looking cooperative I will use Weds to rest and maybe sqitch Thurs and Fri workouts.

Thurs A
WU Green
Hills: 2x3x50 2:30/5

Thurs B: 26 contacts
Hurdles 2x(3 for distance, 2 for height)
2x2 Broad Jump
2x6 split squat jump

2x(hyper, bent leg hyper) weights the first time thru, throws the second
2x(24 decline reverse crunch, 15 db side bend, 20-10-5 decline complex)

Pretty good day all around… both workouts took about 30-45 minutes and my goal was to keep the time after the warmup short

bench: 3x3 265 285 295
w/ MB plyo pushup sets 1,3
BB row 3x6 185 195
w/ muscle up x3
2x8 shoulder raise complex

tempo: 2x3x100 16s

Saturday A: 120m/32 contacts
WU Green (green mean go… 600m jog,shuffle etc, dym flex, sprint drills, facedown/pushup/2pt accels)
2x (30m, 3e dist skips 3e bound 3broad, 30m)

Felt like I was blazing… gonna have to start taking advantage of the slower limb speeds on sled and warmup runs and consciously work on tech cues… seems like all my accels are over and done before they get started.

Did this workout at my high school weight room… Short and sweet

Saturday B
TB DL 4x4 345 365 385 405
Rev Lunge 3x8 225 245 265

Gonna stick with the Thurs-Sat for sprint work… works with my schedule as my classes are M-W-F and lets me get a little something in after the off day.

WU Red, Hurdle Mobility x6
Rower: 3x(1min, 1:30) on the rower

Tues A: 210m
WU green
3x(30m sled, 40m no sled)

Got to see how I handled some completely upright sprinting. Felt amazing, hip and knee height felt great, like I was bounding.

Tues B Weights/44 plyos/throws
Power Clean 3,2,2 255 275 275
sets 1,3: alt leg bounds 3 each leg
Squat 4x4 345 355 365 380
RDL 4x4 275 285 295 305

32 12 lb MB throws, alternating 1 hop and no hop throws

Another good session, manhandled 275 on the cleans and 380 felt awesome going down to parallel, last year I mighta let myself cheat a bit on the depth.
275 is the highest I got to on last block (for 4 reps) so I’m probably not going to go add any more to that for the rest of training and going to keep doing it with less reps… I’m going to keep pushing squats and RDL is going to stay the same week to week.

WU Red, Hurdle Mob 8 hurdles
4x200 indoors
4x200 outdoors
2:30-3min rest, alternating directions

2x(20 MB wall situp throw, 20e db side bend, 24 PB exchange)

Thurs A 330m hills
WU Green
Hills 2x3x55 3-4min/6 min

Really liking the longer hill accels as a strength endurance tool… with split 60s last year I think I may have got in the habit of abruptly coming out of acceleration mechanics at the intensity limit. On the hills I focus on full pushes, relaxed shoulders and hips/full ROM, and applying force into the ground by driving my arms back.

Thurs B 38 contacts
Rudiment A 1x20
Rudiment B 1x6
3x (3 hurdles for dist, 3 for height)
6x broad jump (best 10’ 8") into pit
6,8 split squat jump

felt good… contact time on the hurdles felt quick and I floated over them.

bench 3x3 275 290 305
w/ MB plyo pushup x6
bb row 3x6
w/ muscle up x3
shoulder raise complex x8
w/ arm swing 22s

3x100 strides to get some blood goin to the legs

WHat are your plans for the indoor season? When where you planning to end your SPP and peak?

Today will be the last workout of SPP week 2/8. Although really my SPP is 12 weeks because I’ll have 4 weeks of “pre comp.” Arbritrary really…

I’m working in 4 week blocks. The goal of this block is to get accel into place and get a good CNS stimulus from heavy squats/deads/throws. Next block will be working in block work and late accel/transition/early maxV work. Final block will be maxV/short speed endurance.

Since I’m having to work on an NCAA schedule (meets every week for 6-8 weeks in indoor and outdoor running 55/60, 200, 4x200, and the odd 4x4 indoor), It’d be ideal if I could get myself qualified for nat’ls early so that I can only run in meets that are important for the team and train through indoors. Indoor training will look alot like it does right now with enough density and SE work to have me ready to run 7ish events in 2 days at conference.

I’ve never performed well training for planned peaks, my best performances have come during early loading periods 4 weeks into training (coming straight from football) and off of 1 week of unloading from heavy training.