trampet for leg stiffness

following from the discussions some time ago regarding the effects of training on grass and the benefits of increased limb stiffness.

Would any of these benefits be observed when using trampet for something like tempo sessions. I ask as i recently had the enjoyment of a few jumps on a larger trampoline and when i got off and tried to jump i just simply couldnt for some time.

any thoughts

trampet would reduce impact injuries

It is not a good idea, because there is very little pre-impact tension in the legs when working on a trampet. It is because the trampet is cushioning the blow for you, and your body is adjusting the tension a lot, during the time the canvas is sinking under your weight. It is a much slower build up of tension compared to running.

I have used trampets before, and apart from giving me head aches, they temporarily slowed my sprinting down for the few weeks that I experimented with using them.

If you need to decrease impact forces between sprint days, to aleviate mechanical stress, then you need to either run up hills (where ground impact force is less) or find a grass park for jogging (they are not flat enough for decent tempo pace) or do basement tempo style fitnes.
I’d assume your sprinting is done on the track, as that’s the only place your body can get away with doing more than one rep without feeling beat up.

If you find the grass parks to be a little slippery for jogging, you can allways invest in some soccer or rugby stud boots.

I’ve had to consider these thigns, as I have not allways lived within convenient distance of a running track.

probably not. If a surface is too compliant while you are running/jumping, like in the case of a trampaline, alot of cocontraction tends to happen as a way of compensating for the decreased stability/balance. Actual landing stiffness, particularly early on during ground contact, might even decrease a bit although I’m not sure about that. It’s a matter of degrees kind of thing. Obviously the co contraction isn’t something you would want while running.

thanks guys clears that up lol