Goals attainable through proper planning

I am going to do a short to long approach style of periodization and I am a 100 and 200 runenr with PB’s of 10.98 and 23.4 in the 100 and 200m. I was I am going to start my training the same time I did last year (July-August) and my official first day of practice for next year is march. I was wondering if proper periodization, sprint training, lifting, plyos etc…would make these goals below look realistically attainable? thanks.

2004-2005 Goals:

What were your PBs from the year before, what age, how many years of training?



I’m 17 years old, I’ve been running track sicne 7th grade but was never really seirous about training, so I only trained during the season but this past year was when I first started to really go at it for a full year with your methods and really broke out. So I would say my training age is now officially 1 year.

Charlie and Fabio,

If you don’t mind I’d like to add to this.

Charlie, can you give me (I think Fabio is indirectly asking this question as well) a sample summer and GPP program for a 100/200 runner?

I think the goals you have stated are reasonable, and the 22.3 is easier to get than the 10.6.

If you’re looking for a GPP program, get the GPP DVD and you’ll have an easy to follow, illustrated method of setting up your program. It has examples of all the drills and exercises you’ll need and it breaks down the training, so you’ll know what to do and when.

should I get the DVD? :confused:

This GPP DVD. . . . . . does this work for a 400m runner as well, or just short sprints?

I’m sure all the informatiom on the GPP DVD is for anything 100 up to 400 or else it could easily be modified to a 400m program.

it sounds great, all it is missing is a student discount :frowning: