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Roll Tide!

The way to get them is exploit the youth in defensive secondary imo. I actually think we may lose one because of youth mistakes in the secondary in a tight game, say on the road. Just a guy being out of position against a good QB and you’re down. BUT the Fr and So corners are very athletic and rangy. Mallett is probably the only one who can do that in the SEC but Arky defense is still suspect so it may not matter. Plus…is it really possible to go undefeated in the regular season 3 straight years…

the SEC is down overall. LSU, Florida, Tennessee, etc. I think Bama is easily the class of the league. If they apply Saban ball, grinding it out with Ingram and Richardson, with McElroy occasionally throwing to Julio Jones to keep you honest, they are awful tough to beat. Mallett is certainly a guy who can exploit any corner. He probably has the strongest arm in the country. He can fit balls in spots others can only dream of. I say they have to poop the bed to get beat. Maybe Auburn. Rivalry game, but looking pretty good. Good young QB.

If the Big10 or gasp, Pac10 is gonna do it this is the year. Bama has young D, UF is young, Tenn is irrelevant, LSU has dumbest coach in the USA. Tejas is young, Okie has young QB. Bama will be young on O next year.

Bama is the USC of 8 years ago. Everybody wants to go win a title. I am gald Saban returned them to glory. I was getting sick of Carroll and Meyer. I was reading the paper yesterday and was shocked to find out that Denard has accounted for 94.4% of U of M’s offense. I don’t think that’s what RR had in mind. Those crappy RB’s better step it up. Even the great Pat White had Steve Slaton rushing for 1,000+. I see big problems if they don’t get the kid help. I knew it was unbalanced, but those numbers are scary. One injury away from another rough season. Would be nice to see 10-15 carries max for DR. If the RB’s are ineffective, I see a long, brutal season for DR. Hopefully his quicks will keep him in one piece.


barely…let umass get 37 and was gettin killed the first half by the running game

What was the final score? Thank you… I’m learning a win is a win is a win…

are they going to beat the Hawks this year? A win is a win… if you’re playing a real team! :slight_smile:


someone besides DR actually gained some yards rushing. Offense is good, defense is HORRIBLE. They give up way to many points every week and that’s against mediocre opposition… RR has his offense moving. I think they need to fire Robinson. His D is awful.

on radio that U of M is ranked 100th out of 120 in defense. I was shocked. I knew they were bad, but that was shocking. Thanks God for DR.

On this note, it’s worth pointing out that the personnel on D is absolutely atrocious. We had no secondary to begin with and now, with injuries and whatever else, we’re starting a walk-on at safety and almost the entire rest of the secondary is playing out of position. The line is a bit better but not much and our most physically gifted LB can’t see the field and makes dumb decisions all over the place.

Whatever games we win this year, it’ll be because of Denard and the rest of the O. I’m terrified of the Big 10 schedule, but that being said, I’m with RB34…

3-0, baby. :cool:

Join the club our whole secondary is gone and two first rd draft picks on the dline…

Haha, that was the point: I’m in the club, dude. I went to Michigan.

Correct me if im wrong but didnt alot of your linebackers & db’s transfer? I should say defensive players period?

Transfer, what program are you talking about.

Transfer to a different school out of u of m. I know alot of guys graduated but again I thought I heard alot of guys left this year meaning defensive guys.

you can’t deny there have been a lot of defections. For whatever reason, their defense sucks to put it kindly. I think the D line is solid. LB’s inconsistent, secondary is downright s****y. That is a lack of recruiting. Alabama has a whole new secondary who are leaps and bounds better than U of M. The great programs don’t have way off recruiting like Michigan has. Michigan has done a poor job on that side of the ball. I would like to see RR dedicate a year to the D.


again. Like I said, 4-0 last year. Lets see halfway through the Big Ten. MSU, 4-0 also. OSU 4-0 as well. Who cares, it’s how you finish.