Glute Ham Raise Machine

Is the cheaper mid west glute ham good also in the link below?

I’m buying one, but I need the advice from someone who usess or owns one which one above to get. Or a place that has it on sale or discount.


I’ve purchased the Elite FTS “deluxe” model (your second link) for our college strength facility. It is of very high quality (they’re made by Williams of S.C.)
The “collegiate” model (your first link) is easier to adjust - I would have bought it had it existed at the time…

The main difference is the “pommel horse” of the elite fts glute-hams is tilted slightly…

Yes, they cost more, but I believe they’re worth it.

Go with the Deluxe. I have used it and its solid. That is also the one Defranco has at his facilty. At the college facilty I work at we have one sort of like the midwest one and the pad angle and size is not big enough. It is from powersystems. It is okay but Iif your going to invest def. go with one from elitefts. The one on exr net with the rollers suck. We had that when I worked at another facilty and we had to jam plates in it to stop the rolling mechanism.

Thanks guys, I prefer quality over price anyday if I have a choice, so I’me definiately going to go with the elite now.

So whats the real difference between the deluxe and collegiate? And you said that the collegiate is easier to adjust?

How do I know which is best, or whats the difference. Is there a reverse hyper extensions on it to?

By the way, has anyone been able to do a single leg glute-ham raise yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only difference between the deluxe model and the collegiate model is the ease of adjusting.
As for a Reverse Hyper, if you want to do it on a “proper” machine, that’s a whole different machine. Go to, find the phone number, and call Jim Wendler at elite. They are extremely helpful…

As for a one-legged glute ham, I’ve seen Bud Charniga (of the Sportiviny Press Fame) do one leg G-H, but these were on the Sorinex version of a Glute-Ham. Their version has 2 adjustable “bumpers” (think the side of a boat) instead of the typical pommel horse style.
The only reason I didn’t mention this glute-ham is I don’t like the foot plate (it’s too small, although Sorinex will custom make anything)…

Good luck

I think I’ll go with the deluxe then, its sturdy like you say and isnt really that different from the colliegiete.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Your were extremely helpfull