GHR without a machine

I don’t have any type of machine that I can use for GHR’s. I’m training alone, and I’ve got nobody to hold my legs down.

Any way I can still do GHR’s?

try putting your feet under a bed or sofa or something, and then a pillow under your knees…that should work just fine

that type of ghr is not the same as a ghr on a bench
if u think it is try both and tell me how it feels… ghr on a bench work more of the hip extension movement as well as knee flexsion . a ghr where u are on your knees works ony knee flexsion and a to a lesser degree your glutes. both are valuable training tools but they are NOT the same thing.

havent tried both only without the machine, so i wouldnt know…but its never worked for me to just put my feet under the sofa, the sofa always rises up…unless u have a heavy sofa try loading a bar with a lot of weight and putting your feet under that with a pillow under your knees

Try laying on your stomach. Crossing your legs. pushing with your quad and resiting with your hamstring. MAKESURE to keep your but tight. I have my my athletes and myself do this sometimes.

Put your feet in between the sofa (where the back meets the seat) and have your knees at the edge of the seat. When you lower yourself, you’re head should be touching the floor, so you get more ROM this way. This is alot closer to the “machine kind” if not identical.

Try doing it on the Lat pulldown machine backwards.

Put Your Legs Under A Stackable Wts At The Gym On The Side Station Of The 4 Sided Lat Pulldown Machine.