GHR ? Which are the best?

which GHR do you think is the best from the list!

Come on people new poll!

I don’t use a GHR machine I turned my nautilus Leg curl to my GHR machine…improvise.

the one i use at Cornell University next year is the top one…

Don’t waste your money. You can lock your feet under anything and do the exercise.

If you want to screw up your knees, go for it.

Not exactly but it does represent the hardest part!

Use a pad or a mat.

There ya go!

just locking your feet under something is different than a GHR, a GHR is easier, but none the less different movements.

I have found that the footplates are too small on most of these GHR models. It is hard to shift toe position. The other thing is the base should raise to increase resistance in inch increments and they should have a hook to attach bands too.

Scroll down until you see the GHR without a bench!

another site,

Yes I know this a Davies article but it does show a demonstration of a modified GHR.

a ghr ona bench and a ghr on the floor are two completly different things. a ghr bench stimulates a movement closer to sprinting hip extension and knee flexion at the same time. a ghr on the floor is a extremly difficut hamstring curl, using the glutes only as an isometric stabalizer.