Getting tight at work

Work in corporate america, sitting at a desk, is making me tight in the hips. Are there ways to avoid this?

I’m at my desk a lot too but I will often take walks around the block for that very reason. You know how smokers seem to take 5 or 6 “smoking” breaks pluse lunch? Well your reason is healthier!

While i’m at work, most of the employees take many smoke breaks. So everytime they go on break, I take a “fresh air” break since I don’t smoke. Management can’t complain just because you don’t smoke. If they do, put a cigarette in your mouth and just walk around. It sounds funny, but it works.

how long do you walk for, and it keeps you loose?

What if one had to sit for hours at a time, what would be the right thing to do?

get some kind of movement, go to the bath room, or to the water cooler, or just do some desk stretching!

What do you do that you can’t get up form the your desk?

Using a swissball to sit on instead of a chair might help too. If that doesn’t help take a non-smokers smoking break and do leg swings outside…alll the smokers will be sure to stay far away from you, and you will have nice clean air to breath…lol

Make sure you have an adequate chair! I had big psoas problems in the last year, apart from overtraining, the chair I was on all day long made my psoas be tight all the time.