Getting Started

"The actual start (say, from first response to third step) is related but could be argued to be separate issue to “acceleration” process and delivery.
:cool: “We have on this forum coaches of at least two of the greatest starters/accelerators in the history of the sport, Charlie and Pierre-Jean. It would be great if they some day had time to collate their previous posts on the subject or put down some new thoughts. It would be compulsive reading.” kk

posted in reply to John “tracking it” in his training log, but perhaps if the imposition :eek: was not too severe on CF & PJ some ideas, advice on the start-acceleration aspects of the 100m would be outstanding …

oh jesus please let this happen.

though i have to say, what actually made my starts was the fundamendals DVD where charlie shows the arm action.

phenomenal, so simple yet so powerfull