Getting Scholarships for the 400m?

What time would a junior in high school in high school need to hit to get colleges interested in that athlete? Would a 48.xx interest a nice sized collage? Would the max time to get a collage interested be 50.xx? I also want to run the 200m, and think I could do good in it, but this coach is selfish as hell, and would rather me run for his 4x400m team so he can get points for himself. I could win the 200m and get points still too. I will see how that goes though, I may be able to talk him into letting me before regions.

This should be the last year I’m running for High school too. I went to another high school my freshman year, and they had a good program. I transferred out of that school and started going to this high school. To make it short, its not a good program, and have done things to fix it, but I’m having issues with them, and dont plan to see any of them after this season.

I plan on running my senior year over the summer for a USATF program. They got one near me, although Im not sure about it, and one that seems pretty good in a near by state. Anyways, thanks for anyone who can give me any information.

What have you run so far? Weren’t you supposed to be doing your own training? You realize that you are doing a team sport and the coach isn’t going to let you do everything you want just because you think it may be the best for you, while it may not be best for the team. You have to make compromises. I don’t see why you can’t run both seeing as the 200m usually comes long enough before the 4x400 to do decent in a duel meet.

To your second question, yes, the coach let me train on my own. He almost at one point tried to randomly stop me from training on my own, but backed off that, and will be able to trian myself the whole season it seems.

To your first question, we have only had one meet. The other two were canclled. I dont really want to talk about my results, because I really dont want to hear about how this or that can’t happen. The times aren’t bad, but I still dont really want to talk about times til the season is over. Thats also why I was hesitant to ask now, and thought I should wait til the end of the season, but was curious.

Again, though, what is the basic standard for people to get a scholarship in the 400m for a Div 1 nice school for a junior? Thanks if your able to help.

I would think a junior high school athlete running 48. would generate some interest. This all depends on what type of school (Division I, II, III; heavily academic-oriented, etc) you are looking at; a 49. would generate lots of interest in some smaller schools. Of course, the faster you run, the more options you have.

On a side note, I have noticed recently that lots of high school kids are training themselves and having no respect for the high school coach. I find it really strange/foreign to me, because I trained with my high school coach and believed in him (probably quite blindly). I don’t know if this is something new, but I think this is missing part of the reason for high school athletics (teamwork, friendship, discipline, respect). I don’t want to get on a soap-box, but just something I have noticed.

To give you an idea of what is needed for a scholarship, a friend of mine in high school got a 30% scholarship to the University of Minnesota for the 400m with a PB time as a junior of 49.14.

Ok, I think I got an idea about scholarships for a junior. I have some other question though. Lets say that a senior, or an 18 year old hit a 45.xx running under a USATF program over the summer after his senior year of high school. Would that get a full scholarship to somewhere. Yes, I understand the academic side to it to, but would it be to late by then to get a scholarship?

If you run 45anything and you are 20years old you will have schools begging to give you a scholarship.
Most 45 guys going into a D1 program are comming from a junior college and only have 2 years eligibility.

If you are a 45 guy, there may be better routes than just college for your track and field pursuits. It is going to be hard to get a scholarship your freshman year of college based on times you run the summer after your senior year in USATF unless they are top notch. Most colleges will have already given out their scholarships for the upcoming year.

Ok, then lets say that I do hit a good time, around 45.xx or less, and they dont get me for the freshman scholarship. Could I go to a community collage my 1st year of college, and then still get a scholarship for my sophomore year? Or could I wait, get a job after my senior year of high school, wait til the next go of scholarhips, and go red shirt freshman the next year? Would collages still give a full scholarship to me a year after my high school graduation if my time was a 45.xx or less the year before?

I hate to sound like an ass here, but if you just run and train hard, these things will take care of themselves. Don’t worry about what a 45 runner can do until you become a 45 runner, until then, work with what you got and stay motivated. And sorry, but I can’t take it anymore, it’s “college,” not “collage.”

I’m sorry, but dropping over 5 seconds in a year is going to be a very tough thing to do and if you do it, college may be a second thing in your mind. You may be looking to go pro with that kind of rate of improvement.