Getting faster

What is the best way to get faster

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Seek knowledge first and then ask questions after. There’s plenty of speed brains in this forum. Find one and listen, listen, listen, and read, read, and read.

the best way is to jog 5 miles 6 days per week. and HIT TRAINING and follow the akins diet… goodluck and have fun getting faster…

I wouldn’t be raggin’ on 5 miles of jogging per day, it’s had pretty good results for me :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on what for, I don’t know too much about middle distance, but for short sprints speed (100/200) and top speed improvement in general just hit the weights. I’m talking deep squats, dead lift (stiff-legged and normal), bench press, shoulder press, cleans. And do reps for power and strength, never go beyond 6 reps for any exercise (you want strength and power not mass) – find a weight with which you can do this comfortably. It worked really well for me, I just feel the speed when I run. I do long jump and top speed is pretty critical for me, so weights help a lot for top speed work – at least that’s my experience.

PS bounding helps too.

I want to get faster for football

If you ask general questions, you’re going to get general answers. Do some searching on the forum. There is more information here than questions you can ask, so get searching and then post some specific questions. By searching, I don’t mean one or two threads :wink: .