getting back in the saddle, need advice

The leg is doing great, been playing a ton of soccer and cycling so the cardio/lungs are good :slight_smile: Down to 193 pounds (From over 200 pounds)

My plan is to get back into shape and train for indoors.

What do you think of the following setup for a extended GPP/SPP? (I am 30 years old with a training age of about zero) :smiley:

Ran 12.00 FAT before a hamstring tear a year ago. (Previously a high 10 second wind aided/low 11 second wind legal sprinter for 100m)

Notice the lack of weights and tempo. (ext tempo bothers my legs a lot so I am going to cycle/swim instead for these phases) Weights and sprints in the same micro just KILLS my CNS. I can’t recover.

GPP/SPP LATE August (after soccer is over)
Phase length ~8 weeks

M - Speed/Strength Endurance/Circuit
T - Cycling/Core
W - Shorter Speed/Plyos
Th - Cycling/core
Fr - Long speed

M - Speed Endurance/Circuit
6 x 120m at 95% with 8 minutes rest
5 x 30 meter running A’s
3 sets pushups (30 reps)
3 sets chins (8-10 reps)
3 sets running arms with dumbells

T - Cycling/Core
30 minutes of cycling (fartlek)
4 x (situps/floppy fish)
static stretching

W - Shorter Speed/Plyos
3 x 30 from blocks with weighted vest
2 x 30 from blocks without weighted vest
2 x 50 from blocks without vest
3 sets squat jumps for height with weighted vest
3 sets burpees with jump for height with weighted vest

Th - Cycling/core
30 minutes of easy cycling
3 x (situps/floppy fish)
static stretching

Fr - Long Speed
5 x 200m or something similar at 90% with 5 minute recoveries

Sa - REST or cycling/core


Thoughts? The above is more like an SPP but I have been doing accumulation/GPP like work for the past couple of months. Hills, soccer, cycling etc