German Soccer Team Resistance Training

German midfielder Tim Borowski (L) and forward Mike Hanke exercise during a fitness training 25 June 2006 in Berlin. Germany’s youthful attack dogs Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose are on the loose with seven goals between them in a young team which has rapidly blossomed in reaching the last eight.

Miroslav Klose stands in quarter-squat position on what appears to be a vibration platform. Pix in Berlin in June 25.

This posture may have more to do with regeneration/flushing of lower limbs than of neural activation to enhance co-ordinated impulse capacity. It is also possible/probable the German players used the vibration platforms for a variety of reasons and therefore holding a variety of postures, including straight leg and also squat-jumps and even seated… though the photographic evidence is not available to me (yet) :slight_smile: kk

All suggestions, especially “informed” would be very welcome :confused:

How much of this did they actually do, and how much is for the camera?

When is their next game? Whats the differenece between powerplate and nemes?

Slightly off thread, but I was at a coaching clinic last weekend with Peter Lawler (Australian Athletics Coach). He was asked a question about vibration plates - he pretty much said he thought is was a load of crap, which sort of upset this coach who asked the question.

Can the Germany players play with that stuff on :smiley:

Could do but note them doing push ups on them in the top pic.

Is it true they were using DB Hammers top secret location? :stuck_out_tongue:

One very well known US strength coach also claims the vibration plates are nonsense.

He clamied a colleague tried to replicate the Bosco study and failed completely.

He suggested the study was fixed.

Nothing better then old style barbell :rolleyes:

I have wondered about this because the Bosco study is so amazing. If validated vibration would be ideal for footballers who have little time and or energy to train.

I am pretty new to “vibrational” training, altought before two years I have read about it in Enoka’s Neuromechanics of human movement, saying that vibration applyed to tendon (in this case) can increase strenght. Latash in Neurophysiological basis of movement says that vibration to tendon can cause false joint position sensation (applyed to triceps sure tendon while staning imply a sensation of the muscle stretching, and you will experience feeling like falling forward, so you will compensate and fall backward) and fall!
I would say that vibration training can be used auxilary as EMS but trying to put everything in a single bag can result in shootgun principle!

Ill start using vibration plates when Gorillas and Cheetahs start using them.

I think we have some interesting stuff in the archives about the Bosco study when it came out first…

I don’t know much about it myself … I haven’t looked into them/research.

Funny true story …

A Strength Coach for a team (who had just bought 4 of these platforms), had another coach visting - so he asked the vistor what he thought of them …

“They’re useless” was the reply.

“F*#k - are you serious?”

“Yes, useless …”

“They’re just after costing me $XXX,XXX”

“Well you could always use them to dry clothes”

The Germans are playing well though!

Maybe the USA should use them! :wink:

I’m not a soccer expert by any measure,but I do believe that the fitness training is led by M. Verstegen (sp?)'s group.
He did an excellent presentation on the German team’s preparation, and the difficulties setting everything up at the 2006 NSCA sport-specific convention in Dallas…I have the CD that came along with it, but I gave it to our soccer coach ! :slight_smile:

Who is the strength coach who says they are nonsense?

Think Siff used to be a fan?

Where can one read about the bosco study?

not that im a fan of the vibration plate but if your waiting on animal validation for training does that mean you dont lift weights. i may be mistaken but ive never seen a gorilla bench press or maybe they do that in their caves where all the zoo visiters cant see. those damn gorillas and their egos they just want everyone to think they are naturally buff.

I saw one chimp doing abs & push-ups on Animal Planet just yesterday LOL :smiley: :eek:

Well arright then. What is your position on knives and forks?

Could some one please clarify which bosco study everyone seems to be referring to? I seem to recall a number of studies which bosco collaborated on which examined the effects of vibration training (WBV + “isolation” ) on varying performance parameters.

I don’t use them! I eat and cutt all with my teeth :smiley:
I don’t even warm-up, because does cheetah warm-up to catch a gassele? If he doesn’t then I don’t need it too… Also I got rid of my snickers and clothes.
What the f***!!! I am going to throw this PC of mine to garbage! Why, I don’t see any lions on the internet :smiley: :slight_smile: LOL