general prep speed work.

in a general prep phase would it be better do do all speedwork with a fly as opposed to a falling or block start since techniqe (blocks for example) is not as important in this phase? is max or sub sub max velocity more of the focus early on and would acceleration come after this?

I think it is important to work on simulated starts in GP. Performing Fly’s can be too demanding if done each speed session during this time.

what exactly do u mean by “simulated starts?”

simulated starts are what I consider to be falling starts, med ball starts, prone starts, etc. It is probably not the best terminology, but they are starts without blocks.

Prone starts? So you start them backwards? How about egg and spoon race starts, or potato sack dash’s?

We do the potato sack races only on week one of the loading phase. These are really demanding on the CNS. Pin the tale on the donkey starts are awesome prior to a meet.

Are you not familiar with Prone starts? If not, check out the Vancouver tapes.

Could you or would you do block starts in GP phase to learn how to do them, or change some component of the start.